Gathering for Earth…

Gathering for Earth…

March 26, 2022

“Old Friends, far and near, we gather on behalf of the planet Earth. You are invited to join us now as we prepare to send her an infusion of healthy, healing energy. Regardless of your location, please join us if you are able. Mother Earth is in great need and she requires all the help that we can provide her.

Breathe deeply in preparation for accessing the healing energy that resides within. Like all others in this remarkable world, you too possess the gift of healing energy with which all were endowed at birth. Let us lovingly come together now to empower our healing particles of energy so that we may transfer that energy to the Life Being Earth. Regardless of where it is sent, she will receive the beneficial energy and gain strength from the process. We are grateful for all who have joined us in this healing session.

Our hearts merge as One, as we participate in this act of loving-kindness. No greater gift can we offer to anyone than the Gift of Wellness that resides within. Through your mind’s eye, envision the energy leaving from your body and see it entering the Earth.  A gift of love, a gift of kindness, an act of generosity!

Gratitude abounds to all who participated in this healing session. Thank you, and please continue giving her a dose of your healing energy every day. She really needs it!

In peace be, Dear Friends!”


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Communiques received from within are an essential element of The Center's purpose. Bringing these messages forward is intended to facilitate peaceful transitions throughout all walks of life. Please frequent our site for new additions.