A Few Minutes of Loving Kindness

A Few Minutes of Loving Kindness

January 8, 2017

Audio version for those who prefer to “listen” with the ears of the heart!


Welcome, Dear Friends, to a few minutes of loving kindness.

Please take a few deep breaths and allow yourself to sink into that sweet peaceful place where your mind quiets and your hearts opens. Take a moment to find that sanctuary.

While in this sacred place, allow a memory to surface, one in which you were the recipient of an act of loving kindness. Allow your mind’s eye to revisit the act of gracious behavior and notice how reliving this experience affects you now. Perhaps, you may find that your body has become more relaxed, or maybe a smile has adorned your face, or a tear or two have moisten your eyes.  Whatever your response may be, simply notice how you are presently reacting to the previously experienced act of loving kindness.

And when you’re ready, Dear Friend, allow yourself to shift roles. Recall a time when you were the giver of an act of loving kindness and notice how it makes you feel to relive a time when you were gifting your loving nature to another. Be with those feelings for a moment, Dear Friend. Simply notice how your encounters with loving kindness make you fell.

Dear Friend, please hear these words with the ears of your heart. You are a Being of Loving Kindness. Accept your gentle goodness, please. Internalize this part of you, and remember. Remember the inclination toward good will that lies within you, and remember, this gracious manner can be brought to the surface at any given time.

This is who you really are. You are a Being of Loving Kindness waiting for the next moment when you can share your loving nature with another.  And rest assured, Dear Friend, there is always a next moment waiting to happen.

Within you, lies the grace of loving kindness that is intended to be shared. This is who you really are. It is a way of being that benefits you and all you encounter. You are a Being of Loving Kindness. Please accept this truth, Dear Friend, for it is who you truly are.

Rest with this message now, and simply be in the Presence of your own Loving Kindness……

In peace be!




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