A Message from a bumblebee…

A Message from a bumblebee…

Photo courtesy of Scott Monge, Minneapolis, MN

“So, there I was removing a few dead heads from the zinnia garden, when I heard the familiar buzzing nearby. I turned to greet our visitor who was busily checking out the fresh smorgasbord of the day. Of course, I welcomed her and praised her beauty, which she normally accepts without fanfare, but that day, she surprised me. She flew upwards towards my face, but kept a very respectable distance so as not to frighten me, and just hovered there. At first I was taken aback, then amused, and then a brain cell fired. I realized she was trying to communicate.

Here are the bumblebee’s exact words: ‘The Mother is in great pain and she needs our help. We are doing all that we can, but it is not enough. We make headway, but one human can come along and in a matter of minutes destroy everything that we have achieved . Your species does not realize how destructive they are, or perhaps humans simply do not care. We hope this is not true. That is not our perception of humans, but humankind’s lack of awareness has catastrophic consequences. We need your help to save the Earth.

Will you please help us? I know that you are of goodness. I see how you take care of this garden. The Earth is everyone’s garden, and she must be treated as well as you treat this small space. Thank you for taking such good care of us. And please help us by teaching others about the crisis that is occurring.’ With that said, the messenger zoomed away to a nearby flower. She nourished quickly and then zoomed back again and thanked me for listening. It was such a lovely encounter.”

Excerpt from: Love Thy Neighbor

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