October 28, 2020

Terrifying disruption is unfolding upon our planet. I apologize for beginning this message with such a statement, but the truth cannot be ignored. This situation is real and it must be recognized for what it is so that change can be implemented. We cannot change that which we refuse to accept as real.

Rest assured, Dear Friends, change is possible, but change must be accepted as necessary before efforts can be actualized. The changes needed must be actions of loving-kindness. Attacking disruption with more disruption will not solve any problems. As history has demonstrated, such actions will only result in greater disruption.

Actions of loving-kindness are the means by which change can be effectively made. They must occur at all levels of society, including individual, community, and global actions. Individual acts are the backbone of the changes that are necessary. People all over the planet feel helpless and truly do not know how to help. Thus many hide within themselves waiting for others to take appropriate action. Those people who lean toward community work will find ways to participate, but their efforts will not be enough.  The masses of people who do not know how to help must learn to do so. These quiet ones hold the power to alter this great decline in our humanity.

Please listen with the ears of your heart. Those who do not know how to help are the answer to this crisis. Those who sit quietly in their homes and worry about the crisis that is underway are the energy resources that must be awakened and tapped into. These people want to help, but they are at a loss.

Dear Friends, please hear these words. You are Beings of Goodness who have the power within you to reignite the energy of goodness within the people of Earth and the Earth herself.  Please believe this! Each of you has the power to help.

Focus your intentions upon the goodness within you, within others, and see that goodness growing stronger and stronger, and moving outward from you to your family, your friends, your neighbors, your community, your states, your nations, and to all nations across all lands of this planet. This vision is yours to create and you can do it! You are a powerful Being of Peace who is able to share your goodness with all others.

You need not travel or encounter any expenses to participate in this act of kindness. Simply quiet your mind, focus upon the goodness within you and send that remarkable energy to others.

Old Friend, this suggestion is not a waste of your time. Your assistance is needed and this is a way in which everyone can effect great change. You can expand your outreach by repeating this act of generosity daily. And you can help even more by participating in this simple act more than once a day. You decide what you can give. Every particle of your goodness that is shared will create greater peace around the Earth. And Dear Friends, while you focus upon helping others, your worries will diminish and that will reduce the decelerating energy that is accumulating around the planet.  Less worry means more energy to help others. In so doing, you will also help yourself.

Dear Friends, we all have something positive we can offer in these trying times. Just imagine what might happened if you and all the other good people of the Earth (over 7 plus billion) stopped briefly during their busy days and sent positive energy to those around them. Just imagine!

We all have something we can do to help! Even in these times of great disruption, goodness prevails. Please share a particle of your goodness today.


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