A Prayer…

A Prayer…

March 28, 2020
Dear Ones, I am so grateful for everything that is happening around me. I am alive with your energy and the insights that you are bringing forward. Gratitude abounds! I so hope you can feel the sincerity within me. I am stunned by the amount of information coming forward and also grateful for the companionship of dear friends during this moment of expansion. Please help me to see, hear, and feel everything that I am intended to receive. Allow me to be your humble assistant, please. Help me to be a servant of All That Is for All That Is, and if I miss one of your messages, which probably happens more frequently than I am aware, please nudge me. Get my attention, so that I may serve, as you desire me to do. Thank you, my Dear Friends, for everything you do for everyone. In peace be!
Seeking Our Humanity

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