A Time of Good Measure

A Time of Good Measure

January 9, 2017

Audio version for those who prefer to listen with the Ears of the Heart!


Today, I awake with a new day to face.

This new day calls to me; it demands me to make a decision.  So early it is to be charged with responsibility, and yet, the decision requested is mine to make.  No one else can do it for me. Only I have the privilege of choosing how I will greet this day.  In light of this truth, my presence is necessary. My conscious presence, my attention, must be given to this decision that affects the rest of my day.

Is this too much to ask of mySelf? Think about this, Dear Self of mine!  Am I not worthy of a few moments of my time?  For goodness sake, I could consider this a time of good measure. A time to pause and to determine how I would like the day to be managed. After all, I am the one in charge, the Manager, if you will, of the rest of my life.

Of course, my mind is actively responding to this notion of being the Manager of my own time, pontificating endless exceptions, each of which can and will take me down paths of one kind or another, if I allow my mind to take the lead. And the truth is, there will always be circumstances that arise during the day that will influence how the day unfolds. Recognizing this as a fact of life, I still have the privilege of discerning how I wish to address this new day and all that it presents.

So, Dear Self of mine, I choose to offer mySelf a moment of compassionate care, a moment to quiet mySelf and to discern how I wish to be with this new day. I wish to determine how I will be with Me and with Others throughout the day.  I owe this time to mySelf.  I am, after all, my responsibility, and I choose to begin my day with an act of loving kindness, one that will hopefully set the stage for the rest of this day.

Well, Dear Self of mine, this time together has been worthwhile. Perhaps, we might choose to do this again…..tomorrow…..and every day that follows.



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