An Avid Nature Lover…

An Avid Nature Lover…

“I’ve always considered myself to be an avid nature lover, and in many respects I am; however, I now realize how limited my involvement with nature really is. Thinking that you are Lover of Mother Nature isn’t good enough. With that title comes responsibility! It requires commitment, activism, perseverance, loving-kindness, respectfulness, and dedication to the world around us. And at a base level, it means getting to know the Earth and her inhabitants…really getting to know them, not just pretending to yourself that you know them. It means being consciously aware of other species and developing relationships with them, so that you actually know what their needs and preferences are. It means learning about and being aware of how to mutually coexist with these other beings that also live on this beautiful planet.”

Excerpt from:  “Love Thy Neighbor”           (Coming Soon!)

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