An Energy Session for the Earth…

An Energy Session for the Earth…

June 4, 2020

Artwork by Mike Agliolo
“Friends, far and near, we come on behalf of the Life Being Earth. So much she has done for so many, and for all her sacrifices, we are humbly grateful. No greater service can any provide than the tender loving care of another. This she has done for millennia. She has provided homes for the homeless, food for the hungry, water for the thirsty, and space from which life could expand freely in its own magnificent ways. She has been the ultimate provider and caregiver, and now she requires our help.
      Thus, we gather on her behalf. Our numbers are large and we are grateful for everyone who is participating. Thank you for standing for the Earth. Thank you for sharing a part of your own Source energy with this Dear Old Friend. And thank you for continuing to assist her as the days ahead unfold. Breathe deeply, Dear Friends. Ignite the powerful healing energy within you. With each deep inhale, feel the strength of your healing energy growing stronger. As you prepare yourselves, I will approach the Mother with a request.
      Old Friend, we come in peace, and we ask another favor of you. So many requests have you already satisfied, but another must now be made. Dear Old Friend, you are One who is so accustomed to helping others that you have forgotten how to receive. We come forward at this time to remind you that in your present circumstances, it is essential that you allow yourself to receive the energy that will be transferred to you. We do this because we desire to assist you and we do this because we are presently healthy and able to do this with no detriment to ourselves. Please accept our desire to be of service. Please allow yourself to freely accept this energy transfer so that it reaches maximum efficiency.
      My Friends, from many locations, let us begin the transfer. With another deep breath capture the Source energy particle within and visualize it exiting from your form. Propel your energy to the desired location and release it into the Mother now. Know that your provision of healing energy is well received and it will have powerful consequences. Each energy transfusion aids her. New vibrant energy has restorative capabilities. Rest in knowing that you have assisted the Earth in her recovery to full health.
      Rest now, Dear Friends, and return to your respective homes. Gratitude abounds! In peace be.”


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