An Opportunity to Live Life Differently

An Opportunity to Live Life Differently

January 10, 2017

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Dear Friends, today is a day not unlike any other day; however, it is fair to say, it is different than any other day that has ever existed. Remarkable, is it not, that both ideas can be put forth in one sentence and each speaks a truth that cannot be denied.

Each day since time came into existence has unfolded in its own unique, yet ordinary way, and this is true of today, as well; however, today is remarkably different.  You see, Dear Friend, today is the day that offers each one of us an opportunity to live life differently.  It is a day of new beginnings. It is a day for an intimate conversation between You and yourSelf. It is the day when you courageously ask yourSelf if you are really happy with the way you are living your life.

If your mind is getting restless now and looking for a way to escape this question, please ask that mind of yours to cooperate, because the truth is, you really need your beautiful mind’s assistance. So take a few deep breaths, Dear Friend, and in your mind’s eye, allow yourSelf to see all the other people presently reading this message who also are trying to avoid looking at the question. You’re in very good company, Dear Friend. Hold that thought near to your heart as you take several more deep breaths. You are not alone. Individually, each one of us must face this question for the sake of our own well being; and collectively, we must do this for the wellness of humankind.

The question is intended to inspire us to open our hearts to new possibilities, and it is with this hope that the question is issued. If the mind hears this question as an indictment of your present situation, please focus the mind on the intention of this intimate conversation.

This is the first day of the rest of your life. How do you want to live this day so that it is memorably pleasant? Think about this!  How do you wish to proceed today, so this day is one that you will always remember with a smile?  Don’t allow your mind to intimidate you! Don’t listen to its critical commentaries and snide remarks.  Just pause for a few minutes and allow yourself to imagine one small idea that you might enact today, which will make your heart sing.

Better yet, Dear Friend, why don’t you explore this question every day this week? Give yourSelf plenty of opportunities to formulate new ways of living life more fully.  After all, you’ve got the rest of your life, no matter how short or long that may be, to add to your portfolio of happiness.  Begin today, in whatever manner feels right for you and then tomorrow give it another try.

Happiness inspires happiness, Dear Friends.  And today is the day to manifest happiness in your life!


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