Another energy session for the Earth…

Another energy session for the Earth…

August 26, 2020
“I took a deep breath, which is my entryway into the meditative state. In my mind’s eye, I envisioned our honored teacher and my circle of friends each in their own location joining me in this energy session. I invited all who were within listening ear to participate as well. I spoke as if they were all in my presence, which I believe is true. “My Friends, near and far, our Beloved Friend, the Life Being Earth, is in need of assistance. Be with her now, and offer one of your particles of the original essence of life that exists within all. Just one particle is enough to effect great change. As you prepare yourself for this event, call out to others who are within your range of connection and invite them to participate as well. We invite all who are available to join us at this precious moment to participate in this healing session for our Dear Old Friend. Breathe deeply my Friends, and access the healing energy within you and activate its power. Embolden this powerful energy to assist the Earth. And when you are ready, send your particle of healing energy to the Earth. You choose the location of distribution. Infuse her with your energy and express gratitude for all that she has done. Remind her that she is a Beloved Friend who is cherished by all in Existence.” Silence ensued. I felt good about the session and grateful for the opportunity to aid the Earth. I thanked everyone who participated and wished them a beautiful day.”


Please feel free to alter these words so that they feel right for your own interaction with Mother Earth.



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