Be in Peace…

Be in Peace…

“My Friends, there is more for us to discuss this evening. I begin with a phrase that many of you have heard throughout your life at various times in various places. Be in peace! These three words are more important and more powerful than any of you realize. Make these three words your mantra if you will. Keep them near to your heart and share them with all you encounter.
For millennia these words have been shared with humankind, and still, the significance of these words remains a mystery to those who hear them. Some become fascinated with this powerful phrase, but not many, and this is so unfortunate. These words are the instructions needed to save the Earth. Be in peace! This day, and tomorrow, and all days to come, be in peace!”
Seeking Our Humanity


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Communiques received from within are an essential element of The Center's purpose. Bringing these messages forward is intended to facilitate peaceful transitions throughout all walks of life. Please frequent our site for new additions.

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