We are indeed old friends…

We are indeed old friends…

April 20, 2020

The Answer Illuminated

We are here, and we are ready to assist…

“You are not alone! What you have seen is a truth limited only by your human vision. Please trust that the legions ready to assist the Earth are far more expansive than you witnessed. We are here and we are ready to assist; however, our assistance can only be utilized if the people of Earth choose to help themselves. They must choose to change their disrespectful ways. They must choose to accept everyone rather than promoting the needs of a few. Existence does not tolerate the order of judgment and exclusion. Existence does not affirm actions of meanness and cruelty. These are traits unbecoming to the highest good of everyone in existence.”

Seeking Our Humanity


What you have known before…

April 14, 2020
“Could it be that the way to enlightenment moves not only forward, but also gathers momentum from the past? Observe your next aha experience. Notice for yourself how initially the new awareness feels refreshingly new and then instantaneously, it seems as if you have known this new awareness for all time. Old Friend, you have!
What was forgotten was remembered, and now perhaps it is time to remember the earlier reminder. What you have known before, you will always know, and what you will come to know, you will know thereafter.”
Passage from:  A Seeker’s Guide

We ambled down the path…

April 13, 2020

Seeking Our Humanity

We must change our ways…

“The Earth is falling into dormancy. There is no other way for her to manage her decline than this. Unless we, meaning all of us, decide to change our ways and eliminate the mean, cruel, atrocious behaviors that we perpetrate every day, she will not be able to recover from the damage that has already been incurred. For her, the only means to survive our potent negative energy is to retreat into a state of dormancy. For us, the only means we have to survive is to alter our negative behavior by changing our destructive ways.”

Seeking Our Humanity


If you are wondering what you can do…

The power of the mind

April 9, 2020
What is amazing to me is the power of the mind. It grabs onto something, exaggerates the situation, and then tenaciously repeats the situation over and over again until you start believing the nonsense that the mind is asserting. You know, if you listen to the same lie repeatedly, it eventually becomes an accepted untruth. Think about that for a moment. The lie is still a lie, but you’ve heard the mind repeat it so often that you come to accept the lie as if it were a truth. Folks, that’s scary! A lie is a lie. And an untruth remains an untruth no matter how many times it is repeated. But the mind, over time, convinces you that the untruth is a truth.
Seeking Our Humanity

The Seeker’s Journey…

April 8, 2020

You are the reason we have hope!

“Stand with us, Old Friend, as we stand with the peoples of Earth. We have not lost faith in those who are our Family. Our love for them remains strong and our commitment to the Earth and to our children remains resolute. There is reason for hope and YOU are the reason we have hope. You and all your fellow humans can save the Earth. The energy of which you are comprised is the healing energy that the Beloved Earth needs to regain her full health once again. No more than this is required.”


Seeking our Humanity

Earth is very loved…

“Because the Life Being Earth is a being of ancient beginnings, she is greatly loved by more than one can imagine. Her circle of reach is also beyond the scope of imagination. Suffice it to say, she is very, very loved and she will be deeply missed because her energy has merged with so many other energies that she is essentially connected to everyone in existence. The effect of her absence upon existence is without comparison. No one wishes to think about this. Just as those on the planet do not want to believe that her health crisis is real, nor do those who exist elsewhere. And yet, we must! Just as the peoples of Earth must address this issue, so too must we!
            We are all One with this remarkable planet and we must come to her rescue. There is no other choice. Those who think this situation can be ignored are foolish. Everyone will feel the consequences of her decline, and it will not be pleasant. The truth is difficult to hear!”
Seeking Our Humanity

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