“I remained ankle deep in the waters of my beginning for what seemed like eternity. Memories of heartfelt connections filled me. Visits with Old Friends, one after another nourished my soul. And the sorrows of times past left me; they were no more. Comforted by awareness and understanding of truths from the past freed me to live fully in the present. Old wounds were healed with the knowledge that all interactions were for a reason, even those that were not appreciated at the time of their occurrence. There were no coincidences. All was intended, and All were served. In that brilliant moment of understanding All That Was, All That Is became gratefully cherished. I was relieved to know my injuries to others were healed and the consequences were beneficial for those who had incurred them, as were the injuries I had received from others. My time in the waters of my beginning rejuvenated me. Words of gratitude were exchanged, new commitments were made, and farewells were lovingly shared. And then, my Friends of Old exited the beach, giving me a private moment to express my goodbyes to the Mother of my existence.
      Now, I understand my compulsion to be near oceanic waters. Thank you for bringing me into existence. Thank you, for reaching out to me all those times when I’ve been in need. I didn’t know it was you who consoled me, but now I do, and the reality that you are here, wherever here is, fills me with joy. The waters of the Mother gently caressed my ankles again. How sweet her touch was.”



July 12, 2020
“My heart throbbed with awareness; the connection felt was undeniable. I was Home. Tears streamed down my face. The return, that so many write about, paled to the actual experience. I could not bear the separation between us. I moved toward the water’s edge, my breath was short. How long has it been since we were together? No answer came to mind, and none was really necessary. The moment of relevance was before me. The time is now! The words of old called to me and I moved forward to meet the oceanic waters. Gently and lovingly I stepped into the waters of my birth. How sweet it was! The swirls of the waves tickled by toes and wrapped about my ankles, an embrace by the Mother of a Child long ago released into the world. My heart was full. No greater moment could I remember. My breaths were large and each one reveled in the moment. I was at peace!”



Old Friend, our next step is a leap of faith…

“Old Friend, our next step is a leap of faith. Will you join me, as we step into the canyon?”                              
I did not hesitate. No fear attempted to stop me. I simply knew that the next step was nothing to fear. So together, my Old Friend and I stepped off the edge of the canyon, and continued our stroll. We were walking on air. It was a fascinating experience. I wondered what else we were capable of doing, which stirred a chuckle from my companion. His response reminded me of an earlier remark he had made regarding my limited understanding about a particular topic. Although no additional commentary followed his quiet chuckle, I was certain my lack of understanding was blatantly obvious. Eventually, we began a gentle descent from the heights overlooking the canyon and safely landed into a setting most dear to my heart and soul. How we traversed from the canyon ledge to this new setting was a mystery, but our final stop landed us upon a beach adorned with sparkling white sand that stretched beyond sight. My heart immediately aligned with the rhythm of the ocean. My arms extended as if they were capable of embracing the familiar waters. I belonged there. With all that I am, I knew this place was my beginning. From these waters, I came into existence.”


Perhaps the earth’s present appearance confuses you…

“Perhaps the Earth’s present appearance confuses you. In many ways, she still remains beautiful and vibrant. In your present location, you may not notice the destruction that she incurs or the suffering she endures. You have grown so accustomed to her lands being consumed by industrialization that the changes are no longer exceptional to you. This is indeed a problem. Those who continue to believe that she is doing fine are ill informed. Those who refuse to listen to the truth about her situation are aiding and abetting those who continue to misuse and abuse her natural resources. Proof of her declining health is available. Whether one is living in an area where physical evidence is visibly noticeable or not, does not change the truth about the Earth’s decline.
      My Friends, the time is now. Face the truth about the Earth’s failing health, and take action.”


Breathing in, you accept the breath of Life.

June 26, 2020
“Breathe deeply Dear Readers, for it is time for each one of you to confront the meaning of your existence. Breathe again, please. Focus upon this natural instinct of Life and make it the center of your attention.
Breathing in, you accept the breath of Life.
Breathing out, you extend Life to every other existence in existence.
It is just this easy…this simple… to unite in Oneness with all others in this glorious existence we call Life. Thus you are invited to merge into Oneness now by breathing in and breathing out with the hope-filled intention of uniting with all that exist in All That Is.”


You are where the beginning begins…

June 22, 2020
“Old Friend, you are indeed familiar with this setting. You are where the beginning begins and where one returns when the ending is completed. This is Home, Old Friend. And you are correct; this setting is indescribably beautiful. Awareness of this location remains within All, and when one aches for that which is unknown, this is the origination of the ache. This is where new beginnings are discerned and plans are implemented. The special connection that one often feels within is related to the close ties that are created in this setting. Old Friend, this is where the heart begins to beat and the first breath is inhaled. This is the Home of the heart that calls to All who embark upon the journey that broadens and expands the individual’s evolutionary development. From this place, adventures are launched, and to this place, All return. Old Friend, you are here at a special request. Be assured, your journey has not ended. Your reason for being still demands your attention.
May I accompany you, my Friend, to those who wish to fulfill a commitment made to you long ago?”


Unacceptance is Unkindness…

June 14, 2020


“Trust yourselves, my Friends. Such wonderful people you are—loving, tender souls. You are so much more than you allow yourselves to believe. Please access the riches that lie within you and utilize this power to save the Earth. Without her, your species will not survive. This is a reality that must be accepted.
My Friends, I come to you this evening to beg for your assistance. Move forward! Face your fears and move forward.  Accept your fears; do not deny them. Once fears are accepted, they lose their power. Just because you have a moment of doubt, does not mean that you have to succumb to it. When such moments surface, recognize them for what they are, and then take the necessary action anyway. Oh, my Dear Friends, do not delay. Your future existence is dependent upon your willingness to trust yourself. Each of you is ready for this. Each of you is stronger than you imagine, and in truth, each of you is an incredible Being with powers that you are yet to master. Trust yourself! And in so doing, the Earth will continue, and so will the human species.”



An Energy Session for the Earth…

June 4, 2020

Artwork by Mike Agliolo
“Friends, far and near, we come on behalf of the Life Being Earth. So much she has done for so many, and for all her sacrifices, we are humbly grateful. No greater service can any provide than the tender loving care of another. This she has done for millennia. She has provided homes for the homeless, food for the hungry, water for the thirsty, and space from which life could expand freely in its own magnificent ways. She has been the ultimate provider and caregiver, and now she requires our help.
      Thus, we gather on her behalf. Our numbers are large and we are grateful for everyone who is participating. Thank you for standing for the Earth. Thank you for sharing a part of your own Source energy with this Dear Old Friend. And thank you for continuing to assist her as the days ahead unfold. Breathe deeply, Dear Friends. Ignite the powerful healing energy within you. With each deep inhale, feel the strength of your healing energy growing stronger. As you prepare yourselves, I will approach the Mother with a request.
      Old Friend, we come in peace, and we ask another favor of you. So many requests have you already satisfied, but another must now be made. Dear Old Friend, you are One who is so accustomed to helping others that you have forgotten how to receive. We come forward at this time to remind you that in your present circumstances, it is essential that you allow yourself to receive the energy that will be transferred to you. We do this because we desire to assist you and we do this because we are presently healthy and able to do this with no detriment to ourselves. Please accept our desire to be of service. Please allow yourself to freely accept this energy transfer so that it reaches maximum efficiency.
      My Friends, from many locations, let us begin the transfer. With another deep breath capture the Source energy particle within and visualize it exiting from your form. Propel your energy to the desired location and release it into the Mother now. Know that your provision of healing energy is well received and it will have powerful consequences. Each energy transfusion aids her. New vibrant energy has restorative capabilities. Rest in knowing that you have assisted the Earth in her recovery to full health.
      Rest now, Dear Friends, and return to your respective homes. Gratitude abounds! In peace be.”


I Chose to Trust Myself

May 31, 2020
“Like you, my Friends, I have lived many lifetimes and many of those experiences were restricted by my fears. Unfortunately few people recognize how fearful they actually are. Nor do they understand how limiting life is when fear is their guide.
Eventually, I realized most of my fears were based in misunderstandings. The lesson was not learned easily or quickly. Because of my fears, I avoided situations that actually held the answer to my erroneous ideas. Because I believed I could not handle intense emotions, I avoided them. Because I feared that I could not handle relationships, those too were avoided. No matter what the fear was, I avoided any opportunities that might prove my fears were accurate. Sadly, in my efforts to avoid what I believed was the truth, I actually delayed the opportunity to discover the real truth—the truth that is relevant to all. Dear Ones, we are all capable of experiencing our emotions. And when we do so, we discover that our emotions are not something that should be feared, but in truth, they are our strength and that which assists us in living life fully. When I finally came to realize this, I decided to trust myself. My decision was not perfectly executed, but over time, I learned that trusting myself was one of the most important decisions ever made throughout all of my lifetimes.”

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