The power of the mind

The power of the mind

April 9, 2020
What is amazing to me is the power of the mind. It grabs onto something, exaggerates the situation, and then tenaciously repeats the situation over and over again until you start believing the nonsense that the mind is asserting. You know, if you listen to the same lie repeatedly, it eventually becomes an accepted untruth. Think about that for a moment. The lie is still a lie, but you’ve heard the mind repeat it so often that you come to accept the lie as if it were a truth. Folks, that’s scary! A lie is a lie. And an untruth remains an untruth no matter how many times it is repeated. But the mind, over time, convinces you that the untruth is a truth.
Seeking Our Humanity

The Seeker’s Journey…

April 8, 2020

You are the reason we have hope!

“Stand with us, Old Friend, as we stand with the peoples of Earth. We have not lost faith in those who are our Family. Our love for them remains strong and our commitment to the Earth and to our children remains resolute. There is reason for hope and YOU are the reason we have hope. You and all your fellow humans can save the Earth. The energy of which you are comprised is the healing energy that the Beloved Earth needs to regain her full health once again. No more than this is required.”


Seeking our Humanity

Earth is very loved…

“Because the Life Being Earth is a being of ancient beginnings, she is greatly loved by more than one can imagine. Her circle of reach is also beyond the scope of imagination. Suffice it to say, she is very, very loved and she will be deeply missed because her energy has merged with so many other energies that she is essentially connected to everyone in existence. The effect of her absence upon existence is without comparison. No one wishes to think about this. Just as those on the planet do not want to believe that her health crisis is real, nor do those who exist elsewhere. And yet, we must! Just as the peoples of Earth must address this issue, so too must we!
            We are all One with this remarkable planet and we must come to her rescue. There is no other choice. Those who think this situation can be ignored are foolish. Everyone will feel the consequences of her decline, and it will not be pleasant. The truth is difficult to hear!”
Seeking Our Humanity

Be in Peace…

“My Friends, there is more for us to discuss this evening. I begin with a phrase that many of you have heard throughout your life at various times in various places. Be in peace! These three words are more important and more powerful than any of you realize. Make these three words your mantra if you will. Keep them near to your heart and share them with all you encounter.
For millennia these words have been shared with humankind, and still, the significance of these words remains a mystery to those who hear them. Some become fascinated with this powerful phrase, but not many, and this is so unfortunate. These words are the instructions needed to save the Earth. Be in peace! This day, and tomorrow, and all days to come, be in peace!”
Seeking Our Humanity


She welcomed the energy infusion…

Audio Version: Please close your eyes and listen with the ears of your heart!
Mother Earth, I would be honored to offer you the essential life energy that naturally resides within me. May I do so now?” My Sacred Space grew silent, and in the depths of the silence I heard the sweet sounds of oceanic waters. The rhythm of the waves seemed to call to me, and with each breath that I took an alignment with the pulse of the Earth seemed to transpire. I felt in unison with this magnificent Life Being. Her embrace erased my doubts and I knew, without knowing how I really knew, that she welcomed the energy infusion. And I complied. I envisioned the positive energy residing within me passing through my body and spreading throughout her beautiful oceanic waters. In my mind’s eyes, the Earth’s fluids sparkled with delight. The moment was one I will never forget.
We eventually separated; she retreated back to her realm and I to mine, but the Oneness that was felt when we merged together still remains within me. And as I drifted to sleep, once again the song of the ocean was heard, and from deep within the rhythmic melody, gratitude was expressed.


Seeking Our Humanity

My prayer seemed too little, too late.

A Home Altar For Honoring The Earth:  Please Consider Making One For Your Home
“Beloved Friend, I am so grateful for everything that you are doing on our behalf. Your generosity amazes me. We have treated you so unkindly, so disrespectfully, and our misbehaviors continue. I am truly sorry. Recently, I learned how profoundly destructive our behavior is, and it is embarrassing for me to acknowledge that I was not aware of this. I am so deeply sorry. But the lesson has been learned and I promise you that my manners will improve. Now that I am aware that my behaviors, including my silent, private emotions, have tremendous negative impact upon you, I will monitor my actions and I will improve. You deserve so much better from me. I wish to make amends, if you will allow me. I cannot change what has been done in the past, but I can change how I proceed. I promise to carry you in my thoughts, words, and deeds everyday. I promise to rectify any misdeeds that I commit towards you, others, and myself the minute I recognize that an offense has occurred. I promise to hold you in my prayers and send you positive energy every day and this I will continue to do until it is my time to assist you from another plane. Mother Earth, I ask your permission to hold you in my heart. Please grant me permission to assist you as best as I am able.” My prayer seemed too little, too late. Tears rushed down my cheeks. Remorse for my acts of ignorance and my insensitive disregard for our beautiful planet flooded through me. Finally, I was truly aware of the negative energy that I had perpetrated against her throughout my entire life. It was unbearable to think that I had been so oblivious to her needs.


Seeking Our Humanity


Our reaction to climate change…

“Our reaction to climate change is evidence of our resolve to remain in ignorance. Scientific data is ignored and devalued. Advances made by those who are fighting for change are scoffed at and interfered with by foolish, greedy adversaries who are selfishly committed to their own pocketbooks. Young people who are begging adults to take action are openly mocked and shamed rather than applauded for their courage and commitment to the planet. We are in serious trouble here and we need all the help we can get.”


Seeking Our Humanity


Be in the present…

April 1, 2020

The Energy of Love…

March 30, 2020

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