The Ramifications of Ill Will…

The Ramifications of Ill Will…

October 20, 2023

Ill will is not a solo event. It has ramifications. The negative energy created by ill will spreads like a contagious disease. Each individual who bears witness to an incident of ill will, or hears a story about ill will, or reads a newspaper article regarding ill will, or watches a video report of ill will is profoundly impacted by the incident, and the negative energy created by the event continues to spread as the story is repeated over and over again.

Obviously, the recent news of another human outburst of cruelty must be reported. It cannot be ignored. It cannot be denied. The event happened. The event continues. And this outrageous event affects everyone on the planet.

During these extremely difficult times, each one of us needs to accept responsibility for monitoring our own reactions. We have choices. We can perpetuate the ill will by allowing our own anger and violent thoughts to run rampant. Or we can pursue peaceful intentions. Please understand that hateful thoughts are powerfully destructive, and they will prolong and increase the negative energy created by this unbelievable event.  This serves no purpose!

Those of us around the world who are not within the war zone can intentionally confront the storm of ill will by focusing our intentions upon peace. Peaceful thoughts and peaceful prayers are also incredibly powerful, and they can diminish the negative energy spawned by inhumane actions.

All of us who feel hopeless and helpless about the latest great sadness that has scarred humanity can take action from our own homes. We can choose to battle ill will with good will. We can choose to lay our preferences and our prejudices aside and enact goodness with all we encounter. For humanity’s sake, we can and must reject ill will and we must do so by dedicating ourselves to peace.

This horrific human drama is more evidence that we have lost our way. We do not have the right to behave in this manner. Killing one another is not acceptable behavior. Our ill will harms not only humans, but it also impacts every other species on this incredible planet. These species who live in alignment with the Earth deserve better. The Earth deserves better. We deserve better.

We are responsible for this chaos, and we are responsible for cleaning up our mess. It can be done! In fact, it must be done. Our first step is choosing to embrace an old concept… Love Thy Neighbor!  Every step thereafter entails the same choice… Love Thy Neighbor!

We have choices. Hopefully, we will make the right one.

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Excerpt from:  Seeking A Better Me!    Photo: Julian Saad – Dear Friend, Spiritual Companion

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