The Answer Illuminated

The Answer Illuminated

April 15, 2019

People, some people, not everyone, but some people have ‘unusual’ experiences when they walk the land. Maybe they hear things, or see things, or feel things, or know things. And even if they don’t immediately understand what is happening, they know from within that something significant is indeed transpiring, and they also know without knowing exactly how they know it that the unfolding process is real and it cannot be denied or ignored.’ He paused again and sighed peacefully. ‘I believe you are one of those people,’ he stated quietly.

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Challenging Times

January 16, 2017

This is a message for the seekers of the world who struggle to stand firmly in their beliefs and their intuitive knowing and who at times falter because of life circumstances. It is a message, which reveals the painful loneliness that sometimes surfaces when commitment to one’s calling is devout, even when clarity is not always fully comprehended. The communique is provided as validation for all who experience such cumbersome times, and serves as a reminder for each seeker who truly knows the answer to her or his momentary disillusionment. Dear Seeker, be not afraid as you read this message, for you are not alone!

“Challenging Times”

Once upon a time, an ancient traveler traveled far
and the surroundings in which he found himself, he was not satisfied.
He struggled for reasons he did not know,
his emotions carried him to places that were not of his making, and yet,
the time, the place, and the moment were his to accept.
The ancient traveler fell into confusion
and in the grips of these discomforting times,
the traveler plummeted into despair and preferred an option that was not to be.
The traveler pondered why and the traveler wondered how
and the traveler in a phase of discontentment
chose to leave the present setting for another.
The traveler requested relief and the traveler addressed the most high,
yet the answer to the request was one of an appeal, rather than consent.

“Please continue,” came the response. “You must!”

An Opportunity to Live Life Differently

January 10, 2017

Audio version:


Dear Friends, today is a day not unlike any other day; however, it is fair to say, it is different than any other day that has ever existed. Remarkable, is it not, that both ideas can be put forth in one sentence and each speaks a truth that cannot be denied.

Each day since time came into existence has unfolded in its own unique, yet ordinary way, and this is true of today, as well; however, today is remarkably different.  You see, Dear Friend, today is the day that offers each one of us an opportunity to live life differently.  It is a day of new beginnings. It is a day for an intimate conversation between You and yourSelf. It is the day when you courageously ask yourSelf if you are really happy with the way you are living your life.

If your mind is getting restless now and looking for a way to escape this question, please ask that mind of yours to cooperate, because the truth is, you really need your beautiful mind’s assistance. So take a few deep breaths, Dear Friend, and in your mind’s eye, allow yourSelf to see all the other people presently reading this message who also are trying to avoid looking at the question. You’re in very good company, Dear Friend. Hold that thought near to your heart as you take several more deep breaths. You are not alone. Individually, each one of us must face this question for the sake of our own well being; and collectively, we must do this for the wellness of humankind.

The question is intended to inspire us to open our hearts to new possibilities, and it is with this hope that the question is issued. If the mind hears this question as an indictment of your present situation, please focus the mind on the intention of this intimate conversation.

This is the first day of the rest of your life. How do you want to live this day so that it is memorably pleasant? Think about this!  How do you wish to proceed today, so this day is one that you will always remember with a smile?  Don’t allow your mind to intimidate you! Don’t listen to its critical commentaries and snide remarks.  Just pause for a few minutes and allow yourself to imagine one small idea that you might enact today, which will make your heart sing.

Better yet, Dear Friend, why don’t you explore this question every day this week? Give yourSelf plenty of opportunities to formulate new ways of living life more fully.  After all, you’ve got the rest of your life, no matter how short or long that may be, to add to your portfolio of happiness.  Begin today, in whatever manner feels right for you and then tomorrow give it another try.

Happiness inspires happiness, Dear Friends.  And today is the day to manifest happiness in your life!


A Time of Good Measure

January 9, 2017

Audio version for those who prefer to listen with the Ears of the Heart!


Today, I awake with a new day to face.

This new day calls to me; it demands me to make a decision.  So early it is to be charged with responsibility, and yet, the decision requested is mine to make.  No one else can do it for me. Only I have the privilege of choosing how I will greet this day.  In light of this truth, my presence is necessary. My conscious presence, my attention, must be given to this decision that affects the rest of my day.

Is this too much to ask of mySelf? Think about this, Dear Self of mine!  Am I not worthy of a few moments of my time?  For goodness sake, I could consider this a time of good measure. A time to pause and to determine how I would like the day to be managed. After all, I am the one in charge, the Manager, if you will, of the rest of my life.

Of course, my mind is actively responding to this notion of being the Manager of my own time, pontificating endless exceptions, each of which can and will take me down paths of one kind or another, if I allow my mind to take the lead. And the truth is, there will always be circumstances that arise during the day that will influence how the day unfolds. Recognizing this as a fact of life, I still have the privilege of discerning how I wish to address this new day and all that it presents.

So, Dear Self of mine, I choose to offer mySelf a moment of compassionate care, a moment to quiet mySelf and to discern how I wish to be with this new day. I wish to determine how I will be with Me and with Others throughout the day.  I owe this time to mySelf.  I am, after all, my responsibility, and I choose to begin my day with an act of loving kindness, one that will hopefully set the stage for the rest of this day.

Well, Dear Self of mine, this time together has been worthwhile. Perhaps, we might choose to do this again…..tomorrow…..and every day that follows.



A Few Minutes of Loving Kindness

January 8, 2017

Audio version for those who prefer to “listen” with the ears of the heart!


Welcome, Dear Friends, to a few minutes of loving kindness.

Please take a few deep breaths and allow yourself to sink into that sweet peaceful place where your mind quiets and your hearts opens. Take a moment to find that sanctuary.

While in this sacred place, allow a memory to surface, one in which you were the recipient of an act of loving kindness. Allow your mind’s eye to revisit the act of gracious behavior and notice how reliving this experience affects you now. Perhaps, you may find that your body has become more relaxed, or maybe a smile has adorned your face, or a tear or two have moisten your eyes.  Whatever your response may be, simply notice how you are presently reacting to the previously experienced act of loving kindness.

And when you’re ready, Dear Friend, allow yourself to shift roles. Recall a time when you were the giver of an act of loving kindness and notice how it makes you feel to relive a time when you were gifting your loving nature to another. Be with those feelings for a moment, Dear Friend. Simply notice how your encounters with loving kindness make you fell.

Dear Friend, please hear these words with the ears of your heart. You are a Being of Loving Kindness. Accept your gentle goodness, please. Internalize this part of you, and remember. Remember the inclination toward good will that lies within you, and remember, this gracious manner can be brought to the surface at any given time.

This is who you really are. You are a Being of Loving Kindness waiting for the next moment when you can share your loving nature with another.  And rest assured, Dear Friend, there is always a next moment waiting to happen.

Within you, lies the grace of loving kindness that is intended to be shared. This is who you really are. It is a way of being that benefits you and all you encounter. You are a Being of Loving Kindness. Please accept this truth, Dear Friend, for it is who you truly are.

Rest with this message now, and simply be in the Presence of your own Loving Kindness……

In peace be!




Sometimes, I Ponder…

November 5, 2016

Audio version for those who prefer to listen with the Ears of the Heart!


Often I ponder about what was, and about what will be, and during these moments, I feel a strong sense of longing and anticipation. I long to be with those of old, for the memories of those most dear remain within me, but the faces are long since past.

I carry them in my heart, and often recall their faces from the library in my mind, but the faces are gone. And yet, they are not. They live within my heart and are carried with me wherever I go, and thus…the past which frequently calls to me is actually with me, in whatever present moment I find mySelf existing in.

On other occasions, I ponder about the future and about what will be and I imagine what it might be like in the days ahead.  And then I calm mySelf…by remembering the ones of old will be there in the future as well.

In different shapes and forms, with different faces and inclinations, but they will be there, and we will unite again to enjoy new experiences and to create new memories. And then my heart is full again for I remember what was will be again.  Sweet partings will become new invitations from which new experiences will be had and new memories will be fostered.

And the times that were, will become the time that is, as life carries us forward on our everlasting journey to explore all there is to know about All That Is.


What time is it?

April 6, 2016

How many times a day do you check the time of day?


Perhaps, just maybe, your habit of checking the time is actually the result of a repeated message from your Inner Self reminding you that something extremely important is happening at the exact same time that you are checking the time.

So, the next time you find yourself checking the time, take a deep breath and remember…

This moment, the one that you are presently checking on, is a precious moment in time!!


Life is an interactive process…

March 22, 2016

Each and every day, begin anew, recognizing and accepting that in this new beginning, countless new opportunities await you!

Choose to embrace each new day with the wonder, curiosity, and freshness that life deserves, and then, as the next day rises to greet you again, begin anew, knowing that indeed another day is waiting with anticipation to fully engage with you!

Life, you see, is an interactive process.  You must engage with it, for it to engage with You!

Your life awaits you!  Begin anew!




November 6, 2015

Dear Friends,

Today, I choose to laugh with myself about how seriously I take myself. I will laugh with myself about my tedious ways, about my fears, about my beliefs, my convictions, my self-absorption, and about my silly ideas of self-importance. I will laugh with myself about the flaws that continue to surface and the suffering that I continue to invite within, and I will laugh with joy as each uninspiring habit and mannerism exits my existence.

Today, I will laugh with myself about the many misunderstandings that have driven me over the years in various directions with questionable results, and I will thank the “stars” for assisting me in realizing that laughter is the fastest means for change. Today, I will laugh with myself about the way that I am. I will laugh…and I will live in gratitude.

For all the misunderstandings, the monotonous patterns, the excessive worrying, and all the so-called errors and challenges presented by life’s circumstances, I choose to be grateful. For each lesson provided and for the precious Companionship attending me throughout this life experience, I am grateful. Each moment, regardless of how it was perceived at the time was priceless, and I am grateful that at this particular moment in time, I have awareness of this simple, yet profound truth. All has been good. And all that is coming will be better…now that I have opened my heart to the joyous humor of it all. I am grateful.

With a smile on my face and my heart aglow,



MySelf Within

October 8, 2015

MySelf Within…

Please capture the moments of goodness
and bring these times before me repeatedly
so that I may witness the blessings.
And may these evidences of goodness aid me during those times
when my heart senses no goodness from within.
Remind me of the deeds of kindness…
touch me with the warmth of another’s acceptance…
and guide me inwardly to the Home of Awareness.

MySelf Within…

Remember the moments of goodness for these are Truths, as well as,
the times of misunderstandings.
Live in the memories of acts of loving compassion
and gain strength from these truths that heal and enliven.
Rest not in the dark times of real or presumed injury…
travel swiftly through the veils of misunderstandings
and return to the Home of the Heart where all goodness prevails..

MySelf Within…

Rest within…
Seek within…
Be within…

MySelf Within…

In peace be…

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