A Message from an Esteemed Woodchuck

A Message from an Esteemed Woodchuck

“I come in peace, Dear Friends. That was the way our relationships began and it is the way that our relationships are intended to be.” The highly regarded Woodchuck, an eloquent speaker, captured the attention of her audience with the very first sentence spoken.   

“I ask you to listen with the ears of your heart. There was a time when you were guided by the goodness within your heart. Your kind entered into existence as compassionate, loving beings. Your way of being was gentle, gracious, and generous. Your peaceable ways melded well with the society of other peaceful life beings already inhabiting the Earth. Those were good times, precious times when diversity was cherished for the gift that it was, is, and will always be.

Diversity is a gift of divine grace. It is the epitome of never-ending surprises that delight one’s curious nature while stimulating the senses to crave greater understanding about everything in existence. Ponder this, Dear Friends, and allow yourself in the upcoming days to imagine what life would be like on this planet without diversity.”

The Esteemed Woodchuck continued to overwhelm her audience, as she spoke the truth about Humankind’s initial and present day impact upon the Earth. The Earth and her inhabitants are reaching out to us, begging us to help, begging us to change our ways. We can do this! Change is easier than you might imagine!


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Beloved Friend of Old, please be with me. Although you do not have precise memories of olden times, the time has come for you to open your heart to the reality that there is much more to your Life Experience than the experience that you are now having.

You are One of many times, Dear Friend, and during those many times of long ago, we walked side by side as we encountered many adventures together. We are indeed Old Friends!  At this particular time, we do not appear to walk side by side, but appearances do not always reveal the true story.

In fact, we still walk side by side even if that is not visibly evident. You walk in your plane of existence, while I walk in my plane of existence, and as has always been, we walk side by side.

Old Friend, you are never alone. Always, I am with you, and always, you are with me. I am grateful for your company, and I hope you will be grateful for mine. Take a deep breath, and remember…

Remember that we have shared many lifetimes together, and remember that we are sharing a lifetime together now as you read this message.

Remember, Dear Friend, you are never alone.




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