“I cannot believe, my Dear Old Friends…

“I cannot believe, my Dear Old Friends…

“I cannot believe, my Dear Old Friends, that you will choose to walk the path that your predecessors walked. You are wiser and more fully informed than they were. Please, my Friends, choose to face your fears, and take the next step. Rise early every day with the Earth in your heart, and send her energy before any other thought or task distracts you from this essential act of kindness. You are aware of the importance of this act of generosity. Why would you not make it a priority? For the sake of the Earth, for the sake of your own kind, please make this simple task the first priority of your day. So easy is this to do. So little time does it require.”



Another energy session for the Earth…

August 26, 2020
“I took a deep breath, which is my entryway into the meditative state. In my mind’s eye, I envisioned our honored teacher and my circle of friends each in their own location joining me in this energy session. I invited all who were within listening ear to participate as well. I spoke as if they were all in my presence, which I believe is true. “My Friends, near and far, our Beloved Friend, the Life Being Earth, is in need of assistance. Be with her now, and offer one of your particles of the original essence of life that exists within all. Just one particle is enough to effect great change. As you prepare yourself for this event, call out to others who are within your range of connection and invite them to participate as well. We invite all who are available to join us at this precious moment to participate in this healing session for our Dear Old Friend. Breathe deeply my Friends, and access the healing energy within you and activate its power. Embolden this powerful energy to assist the Earth. And when you are ready, send your particle of healing energy to the Earth. You choose the location of distribution. Infuse her with your energy and express gratitude for all that she has done. Remind her that she is a Beloved Friend who is cherished by all in Existence.” Silence ensued. I felt good about the session and grateful for the opportunity to aid the Earth. I thanked everyone who participated and wished them a beautiful day.”


Please feel free to alter these words so that they feel right for your own interaction with Mother Earth.



There is reason for hope!

August 24, 2020
My Friend, there is reason for hope! We must trust this, and in those moments when our courage wanes, we must remember what the truth is.  If we resort to seeing only the negative that is transpiring, then our mood and our attitude will lean in that direction.  But if we choose to focus on the positive that is happening, even if it is not visible in the moment, then our attitude will continue to be positive and it will inspire the same in others. Old Friend, remember the truth about hope; and speak truthfully of it to others.”




August 23, 2020
“This is who you really are. You are beings of exquisite goodness. You came from goodness. You remain in goodness. You are of goodness. As are you, so too is everyone existing on this planet and throughout the Greater Existence. You are beings of goodness who are here in this place at this moment in time for a reason. You are here to save the Life Being Earth, and you will do this by changing your ways and by assisting others to change their ways.”


Being Present…

The Solution is Simple…

August 16, 2020
“The solution is simple. Treat each other as you would have another treat you. Accept all others as you desire to be accepted. And above all, do no harm to anyone. No act of meanness perpetrated upon another is acceptable. There is no conceivable reason that justifies doing harm to another.
My Friends, you are people of goodness, and with your assistance, others residing upon the Life Being Earth will remember this truth about themselves.”


So little hope and optimism is reported…

August 14, 2020
“Your news media report so little that brings hope and optimism to the people. They focus on that which is dreadful, for the culture is addicted to these types of stories. So long has this been the truth that the people no longer have awareness of this problem; thus they live their lives under the influence of misinformation and of terrible truths that are better not sensationalized.
How splendid it would be if the industries of news distribution would agree to seek out and publicize all the acts of kindness and generosity that are happening globally. This would profoundly alter the outlook of your people and your energy as well. With uplifted spirits and hopefulness, the Earth would recover more quickly.”



“I am so grateful to have a purpose. For so long, I have felt as if I was wandering aimlessly about, but now things have profoundly changed. Having a purpose changes your life. I feel good about myself, and I feel good about the goals we are pursuing and the challenges that we are confronting. What we are doing here is important! And it feels good to be part of something that can change the future for our next generations. I’m very grateful to be alive.”


( Available September 2020)

You are needed…

“My Friends, you are needed. Each of you will play a role in changing the energy of the Earth. Presently, the energy is defiled by the unkindness that spreads about the globe in a disease like fashion. This is not who the people of Earth are. This is not intended to be. The Children of Earth are people of goodness, and it is their goodness that will save the Earth. So little change is necessary. Simply be the people of goodness that you are created to be. Treat all others as you prefer to be treated. Act in love and kindness towards everyone you encounter.  Accept that every other being on this planet is made of the same pure energy that you presume you are created from, and know and accept that you are no more than any other, and no other is greater than you.    
All on this magnificent Life Being are equal, and all deserve to be and must be treated equally, lovingly, and respectfully. Until all are regarded equally, balance and safety will not return to the Earth. She cannot continue to live under these inharmonious conditions.”

Each day that goes by without change…

“Each day that goes by without change, the Earth’s health weakens. Her problems are not self-made; they are directly related to the disgraceful maltreatment perpetrated by her inhabitants. As you well know, my Friends, change is necessary. To say that your role in this situation is important is the understatement of all time. What you have committed to do, my Friends, is an act of generosity that may actually save the Earth.  Because you are willing to change and to grow, so too will others. Because you will speak the truth about the Earth’s crisis, others will listen, and they too will spread the truth to others. This is why you are here, and this is what must be done. One person speaking the truth and taking appropriate reaction will inspire another to do the same, and in this way, the Earth will be saved from her present course of decline.”


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