Love Thy Neighbor

Love Thy Neighbor is an enlightening tale that brings new meaning to a Message of Old. It is a breathtaking story about personal and global healing that illuminates changes that are necessary for the sake of Mother Earth and her inhabitants.

In Love Thy Neighbor, we witness gentle, heartfelt relationships with neighbors living across the street and others, who reside in places beyond the scope of our imagination. And through numerous scenarios, we also are introduced to delightful neighbors whom we rarely notice, even though their presence is blatantly obvious. Ironically, these neighbors are acutely aware of our presence and they are striving to gain our attention.

Love Thy Neighbor is a beautiful story that touches the heart and awakens us to take action. This is a story for everyone who desires to make our world a better place to live.

Seeking Our Humanity

Winner, Honorable Mention Award at the 2020 Paris Book Festival.

Seeking Our Humanity is a trilogy devoted to saving the Earth. In this series, we are faced not only with the reality of the Earth’s waning health, but also the truth about the primary factor underlying her decline. With this new information, we, the people of Earth, realize that we have the means to assist her back to good health. In discovering the truth about our negative impact upon this remarkable Life Being, we learn that by changing our behaviors we can improve our own well being and the Earth’s as well.

The Earth needs our help! This trilogy will give you ideas and hope for the future. 

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The Answer Trilogy

The Answer is the first book of this trilogy, followed by The Answer Illuminated, and concluding with The Answer in Action.
They are best read in sequence. Enjoy the read and please join the Mission to Save the Earth!

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The Answer Illuminated (In stock)

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