Seeking A Better Me!

Dear Reader, today is the day that sets the stage for the rest of this life experience. How you proceed matters! How you live your life matters! Do these heartfelt statements mean that there is an exact path that you are intended to follow? Anything is possible; however, rarely does one’s path follow a direct line. The universe is far too spirited and expansive to provide such a limited evolutionary experience. Seeking A Better Me! is an invitation that encourages everyone to become the better person she or he is intended to be. Regardless of where we are in our evolutionary development, the time has come to move forward. Seeking A Better Me! is a reminder and a teaching tool to assist us with our endeavors.

I want to be a better me! Don’t you? Let us all take the next step together!

Seeking Our Humanity

Winner, Honorable Mention Award at the 2020 Paris Book Festival.

Seeking Our Humanity is a trilogy devoted to saving the Earth. In this series, we are faced not only with the reality of the Earth’s waning health, but also the truth about the primary factor underlying her decline. With this new information, we, the people of Earth, realize that we have the means to assist her back to good health. In discovering the truth about our negative impact upon this remarkable Life Being, we learn that by changing our behaviors we can improve our own well being and the Earth’s as well.

The Earth needs our help! This trilogy will give you ideas and hope for the future. 

Seeking Our Humanity (In stock)

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The Answer Trilogy

The Answer is the first book of this trilogy, followed by The Answer Illuminated, and concluding with The Answer in Action.
They are best read in sequence. Enjoy the read and please join the Mission to Save the Earth!

The Answer (In stock)

The Answer Illuminated (In stock)

the Answer in Action (In stock)