Be Grateful…

Be Grateful…

November 14, 2023

Life is a Remarkable Gift!

Treasure it!!


Peace Day…

September 22, 2023

Walk Softly…

September 18, 2023

Consideration matters:

September 16, 2023

You are so beautiful…

July 2, 2023

The Tears of Mother Nature

May 2, 2023

Artist: Jadyn Alexander Galloway

This stunning silhouette reveals not only the remarkable skills of Jadyn Alexander Galloway; but also, the empathic nature of this fine young artist. His image of Mother Nature crying for the animals touches one’s heart. Mr. Galloway’s personal comment regarding his recent work of art is profound and worthy of the viewer’s attention.

“If you look deeply into the painting, you can see the tears of Mother Nature. She is crying for the animals because they are her creations and it hurts her to see people mistreating them. She also hurts because they do not appreciate what she has done and what she continues to do.”

Artwork inspired by a recently published book titled Listening Carefully, Please!

The nature of gardens…

April 25, 2023

Artist: Jadyn Alexander Galloway

A specific statement from a recently released book grabbed the attention of artist, Jadyn Alexander Galloway.

“The outer garden was not just a garden, it was the equivalent of a Universe.“

From that unique and descriptive statement, the artist created a vibrant garden bursting with exceptional colors that captivate the viewers’ attention. In this stellar digital painting, the young artist includes planets and a galaxy to represent the expansive and powerful nature of gardens.

In his own words, Mr. Galloway wisely commented, “Each garden is beautiful, different, and as complex as a Universe!”

(Listen Carefully, Please!)


Falling in love with the Earth…

April 17, 2023
Artist:  Jadyn Alexander Galloway

In this colorful rendition of two Children holding hands while observing the sunset, Jadyn Alexander Galloway, beautifully illustrates his impressions of a recently released book called Listen Carefully, Please!   By replacing the setting sun with a bright red heart, the artist cleverly and successfully depicts the Childrens’ Wake Up moment to love and passion for nature, as well as, a strong yearning to protect the Earth.

Mr. Galloway’s artwork captures the unity these children experience through their love of nature.


A Message from an Esteemed Woodchuck

“I come in peace, Dear Friends. That was the way our relationships began and it is the way that our relationships are intended to be.” The highly regarded Woodchuck, an eloquent speaker, captured the attention of her audience with the very first sentence spoken.   

“I ask you to listen with the ears of your heart. There was a time when you were guided by the goodness within your heart. Your kind entered into existence as compassionate, loving beings. Your way of being was gentle, gracious, and generous. Your peaceable ways melded well with the society of other peaceful life beings already inhabiting the Earth. Those were good times, precious times when diversity was cherished for the gift that it was, is, and will always be.

Diversity is a gift of divine grace. It is the epitome of never-ending surprises that delight one’s curious nature while stimulating the senses to crave greater understanding about everything in existence. Ponder this, Dear Friends, and allow yourself in the upcoming days to imagine what life would be like on this planet without diversity.”

The Esteemed Woodchuck continued to overwhelm her audience, as she spoke the truth about Humankind’s initial and present day impact upon the Earth. The Earth and her inhabitants are reaching out to us, begging us to help, begging us to change our ways. We can do this! Change is easier than you might imagine!


WHAT AWAITS US…  (Honorable Mention 2022 London Book Festival)

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