Assisting the Earth demands cooperation…

Assisting the Earth demands cooperation…

Excerpt from:  Love Thy Neighbor

A race to save the Earth

Excerpt from: Love Thy Neighbor

A Prayer…

An Avid Nature Lover…

“I’ve always considered myself to be an avid nature lover, and in many respects I am; however, I now realize how limited my involvement with nature really is. Thinking that you are Lover of Mother Nature isn’t good enough. With that title comes responsibility! It requires commitment, activism, perseverance, loving-kindness, respectfulness, and dedication to the world around us. And at a base level, it means getting to know the Earth and her inhabitants…really getting to know them, not just pretending to yourself that you know them. It means being consciously aware of other species and developing relationships with them, so that you actually know what their needs and preferences are. It means learning about and being aware of how to mutually coexist with these other beings that also live on this beautiful planet.”

Excerpt from:  “Love Thy Neighbor”           (Coming Soon!)

Exciting News From the Center

December 6, 2020

Exciting news has just been received that we want to share with you. The first book of the series Seeking Our Humanity was awarded “Honorable Mention” by the 2020 Paris Book Festival. Needless to say, “everyone” involved in the making of these books is extremely happy and grateful.

Special thanks and applause must be given to Susan Barnes, Posy Jackson, and Cindy Larned for their incredible contributions to this project. Friendship in motion! Also, gratitude from my heart to Those who made this endeavor possible. Words fail, but the blessing is deeply appreciated!

In peace be,


Reflections on a time gone by…

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Reflections On A Time Gone By

Will You Join me?

So oblivious we are…

“So oblivious we are to the real world…the world that is filled with other life beings just quietly living out their lives without our notice or our appreciation.”
Seeking Our Humanity, Part III



We Humans are so dense…

“…we are in the middle of a massive number of life forms that also want to assist the Earth. Why didn’t I think of this before? Of course, other inhabitants of the Earth also want to help her. We humans are so dense. We think we are the only ones on the planet that can save her. These beautiful creatures are participating in her healing every minute of the day. This has been an eye opener for me. We need to engage with all the citizens of the Earth, not just humans. We keep wondering how to reach the human audience, but there is another audience far more expansive than the human population that already understands the situation and is already involved in her recovery process.”


So Dearly Does He Love Us…

“So dearly does he love us!  My thoughts raced about, finally reaching the realization of this Dear Friend’s truth. He feels the breadth of fatherhood for all those who have followed his time and place. He carries within him the love for all humanity by our forebears.  My goodness! They, our forebears, remember all that have ever been.  No wonder they are so desperately concerned about our circumstances. Tears streamed down my face. The concept of good parenting reached a level of appreciation that I never imagined before. ‘Those Who Came Before’ are still trying to take care of their children. The awareness was humbling.”



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