As I Rested In The Silence…

As I Rested In The Silence…

March 29, 2020

Rest your eyes and listen with the ears of your heart…

“As I rested in the silence, my heart was full. I felt accompanied. The feeling was real, yet inexplicable. I simply knew I was not alone. It was comforting and reassuring to be in this place of safety. Curiosity made an appearance, but it didn’t stay long, for it seemed to understand that it was not needed. The mind that has a mind of its own also made a brief visit, but it too quickly recognized its presence was not required. As the silence deepened, I became less aware of my surroundings. Part of me seemed rooted in my Sacred Space. I could feel the favorite chair beneath me, and yet, another part of me seemed to be elsewhere. I was acutely aware of this sense of bi-location. I was in my home and I was somewhere else in a place that seemed familiar, yet unidentifiable. And I felt completely at ease with this unusual experience because I knew I was not alone and that my companions, whoever they were, were watching over me. The sensation was fascinating. I wondered if I should be afraid, but fear was nowhere to be found. I wondered if I should be cautious, but no signs of disruption warranted such a reaction. I simply was at ease with myself, with my surroundings and with my companions. It was a remarkable state of serenity. I was at peace.”
Seeking Our Humanity

A Prayer…

March 28, 2020
Dear Ones, I am so grateful for everything that is happening around me. I am alive with your energy and the insights that you are bringing forward. Gratitude abounds! I so hope you can feel the sincerity within me. I am stunned by the amount of information coming forward and also grateful for the companionship of dear friends during this moment of expansion. Please help me to see, hear, and feel everything that I am intended to receive. Allow me to be your humble assistant, please. Help me to be a servant of All That Is for All That Is, and if I miss one of your messages, which probably happens more frequently than I am aware, please nudge me. Get my attention, so that I may serve, as you desire me to do. Thank you, my Dear Friends, for everything you do for everyone. In peace be!
Seeking Our Humanity

One More Thought…

March 27, 2020
“Let me share one more thought with you about believing the unbelievable. There are times when we encounter something or someone that is so remarkably unique and confounding that it seems too amazing to be true; and yet, we know from deeply within that we have experienced a truth unfolding before us. We willingly choose to believe this unbelievable truth because we know that we must. To deny it would be a betrayal of self and of the truth that revealed itself to us.”
 Seeking Our Humanity

I Have Many Doubts…

March 26, 2020
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“I have many doubts about the unbelievable, because that’s just the way people are. It’s humankind’s nature to want proof…to demand proof…as if life cannot exist without it. I suspect this is related to our fears of the unknown and/or our fears of not having control over every aspect of our lives. I think it’s sad actually. In our incessant need to have proof about everything, I’m afraid we have slammed the door on many possibilities. We seem unwilling to give the unbelievable the benefit of a doubt, which is most unfortunate, since it is through our doubting behavior that we learn more about the unusual and unbelievable unknowns. It’s true that our doubts sometimes confuse us. They get in the way and dissuade us from what we actually know. But more often then not, I believe our doubts help us to clarify our understanding of a particular situation so that we can discern what we really know. This process enables us to feel more confident about what we believe and what we are willing to accept.”
 Seeking Our Humanity

We All Need Inspiration!

March 19, 2020
“We all need inspiration, regardless of the age or stage of our journey. Whether we are seasoned Seekers or Initiates of the process, we always need fresh energy to renew us and keep us moving forward.”
Seeking Our Humanity, 2020

Must We?

March 19, 2020
“Must we recall every feature of an insight for the insight to be beneficial? Must we have absolute clarity about an insightful event for the insight to be trusted?”
Seeking Our Humanity, 2020

All Experiences Are Exceptional!

March 19, 2020
“Every interaction should be regarded as an exceptional experience, because in essence, every one is.  I realize in my endeavor to gain greater understanding about what I perceive as the ‘exceptional’ experience, I have become less appreciative of and attentive to what is misperceived as an ordinary experience.”
(Seeking Our Humanity, 2020)

A Seeker’s Journey

The Inexplicable More

March 18, 2020
Most people desire more. They may not understand this feeling residing deeply within them, but at some level there is an inkling of awareness that they need more. And of course, I am not speaking of material things. Most of us have far too many things already. I am referring to the existential need for the inexplicable more.

All In Existence Are Equal

“Within each of you resides the Presence from which all come. This simple truth is what it is. You are more than you appear to be, and so too is every other Life Being. When one becomes consciously aware of this truth, life changes. One can no longer live as if one stands alone. One can no longer live as if one is more than another. These misunderstandings are the root of discontentment and unwellness upon this beautiful planet. The idea that some are more valuable than others is a profound misunderstanding with far-reaching consequences. All in existence are equal. This truth includes everyone! This reality extends throughout all existence.”
Audio version for those who prefer to listen with the Ears of the Heart
(Excerpt from The Answer in Action)

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