Life is an interactive process…

Life is an interactive process…

March 22, 2016

Each and every day, begin anew, recognizing and accepting that in this new beginning, countless new opportunities await you!

Choose to embrace each new day with the wonder, curiosity, and freshness that life deserves, and then, as the next day rises to greet you again, begin anew, knowing that indeed another day is waiting with anticipation to fully engage with you!

Life, you see, is an interactive process.  You must engage with it, for it to engage with You!

Your life awaits you!  Begin anew!




November 6, 2015

Dear Friends,

Today, I choose to laugh with myself about how seriously I take myself. I will laugh with myself about my tedious ways, about my fears, about my beliefs, my convictions, my self-absorption, and about my silly ideas of self-importance. I will laugh with myself about the flaws that continue to surface and the suffering that I continue to invite within, and I will laugh with joy as each uninspiring habit and mannerism exits my existence.

Today, I will laugh with myself about the many misunderstandings that have driven me over the years in various directions with questionable results, and I will thank the “stars” for assisting me in realizing that laughter is the fastest means for change. Today, I will laugh with myself about the way that I am. I will laugh…and I will live in gratitude.

For all the misunderstandings, the monotonous patterns, the excessive worrying, and all the so-called errors and challenges presented by life’s circumstances, I choose to be grateful. For each lesson provided and for the precious Companionship attending me throughout this life experience, I am grateful. Each moment, regardless of how it was perceived at the time was priceless, and I am grateful that at this particular moment in time, I have awareness of this simple, yet profound truth. All has been good. And all that is coming will be better…now that I have opened my heart to the joyous humor of it all. I am grateful.

With a smile on my face and my heart aglow,



Speaking the Truth

October 8, 2015

Writing 1

You walk the path of mystery
and wonder which way is your destination.
You speak the words of inquiry
seeking guidance of the truth.

You proceed with curiosity…
You question your faith…
You falter at times,
yet you always continue.

You walk the path of mystery
ever-seeking, ever-aching, ever-wanting contact
with the Ultimate Presence…
You wonder at times if the journey is in vain,
yet you always continue,
for you must.

You walk the path of mystery…
It calls to you…
It beckons you to come…
It summons you to continue…
And you must, you simply must
walk the path of mystery!

Speaking the Truth (2)

October 8, 2015

Writing 2

Listen with an open heart and quiet mind,
for it is time for all to begin speaking the truth.
These three words address many concerns
and each who reads this message must seek within for the truths
that are applicable to you.

Speaking the truth involves walking the path of mystery.
You seek within for your truth.
You proceed in search of the truth.
You gather tidbits regarding the truth.
You share your truths with others.
You learn truths from others.
You assimilate what you learn
and you continue.
Speaking the truth includes walking the path of mystery
and living a life of integrity and kindness.
You speak the truth…
You act your truth…
You live your truth…
And you do this with Self, Others,
and the Highest Good
as your guide.

Speaking the truth means walking the path of mystery
and living a life of decency, compassion, and humility.
Your truth guides you to serve for the benefit of others…
Your truth teaches you acceptance of all others…
Your truth opens you to the mysteries of all existence
and your truth informs you of
Your Ultimate Truth.

Speaking the truth is walking the path of mystery!

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