The Energy of Love…

The Energy of Love…

March 30, 2020

What must it be like to exist, but not be seen?

March 25, 2020

“The glee demonstrated by our mysterious friend gave me a glimpse of what being invisible must be like. I felt for him. And I also felt for all those visible beings on our planet that are also not seen, not noticed. My thoughts took me to many places. What must it be like to exist, but not be seen? Plants and wildlife that are taken for granted! Sea creatures that are rarely noticed except on our dinner plates! Insects that are crushed beneath our feet without concern or remorse! And what of our own kind? Those who are marginalized in all the insidious ways in which this is done and ultimately treated as if they do not exist! What of those invisible ones?

            “My dear friend, your heart bleeds for the unseen. I am grateful that you mourn this most unfortunate circumstance, for it is most unpleasant to live as if you do not exist. Sadly, most who offend in this way are completely unaware of their offense. Their lack of awareness for others with whom they co-exist is one of the significant problems occurring on this beautiful planet. Suffice it to say, all life beings prefer to be noticed and respected.”

Seeking Our Humanity

I Was One With The Breath Of The Other…

March 24, 2020
Audio Version for those who prefer to close their eyes and listen with the ears of the heart.
“In due course, my thoughts stopped invading my silence and I fell silent. I simply was. Where I was, I did not know, nor did it matter. I simply was.
With each breath that I took, I felt another’s breath aside me until eventually the breath aside me was within me, and I was One with the breath of the other. We breathed together. We existed together. We were One with the Other… and yet, there was more. And we were One with the More as well. I was. We were. And we all were One. Greater peace have I never experienced. Time escaped me, as I existed in the existence of Oneness.”
Seeking Our Humanity

Great Goodness Remains…

March 23, 2020

I do so wish…

March 22, 2020
“I do so wish that awareness and gratitude were ever constant. Too infrequently am I aware of the transpiring blessed events about me and even less frequently do I express my gratitude to all who assist me with this remarkable life experience. I regret this.
Yet at this moment, I am very much in touch with the blessings bestowed and with my need to acknowledge my gratitude for all that is done on my behalf and for the mutual purposes that we share. Please accept my gratitude now while I am in awareness of all the blessings provided, and also accept my sincere appreciation for all those times yet to come when I will not be cognizant of the obvious.”
 Messages From The Light, 2008



The Sharing of Stories!

March 21, 2020
“…the importance of sharing our stories is, in my mind, incalculable. I don’t think we have yet seen the power of these exchanges. Not only do we learn more about our existence and our roles in existence by listening to other people’s stories, but we also create new relationships that are founded in curiosity, hopefulness, and goodness. The stories that you and I have shared, and the many others that I have heard from individuals similar to us, are uplifting. They broaden my scope of awareness and they spark my desire to know more.”
Resource: Seeking Our Humanity

Today is a day to count one’s blessings

March 20, 2020

Audio Version:


Good Morning, Dear Ones,
Today is a day to count one’s blessings. Even during these unusual times of great concern and worriment, there are reasons to be hopeful. Although it may be difficult to distract oneself from the fearful news that inundates us, this is a time to be disciplined about our choices. Rather than starting the day with the headlines that throw us into fearful places, perhaps it would be a better choice to make a list of everything for which we are grateful at this very moment.
Think of your friends and your loved ones! These Dear Ones might be at the top of your list of blessings. Make a list of these special people in your life and remember favorite encounters shared with them. Another choice might be to spend some quality time with a beloved pet that brings you joy and delight. Unconditional love is exceptionally good medicine at a time like this.
And what about this unusual free time that you may be experiencing as you practice social distancing? What wondrous ways might you participate in life? Each of us will have our own answers to this question, and it may be an act of generosity to share our ideas with others. This is a time for connection from the heart. So as we pause, and consider our own personal blessings, maybe we could share these blessings with another. Sometimes, we need gentle reminders that our lives are rich with opportunities. When we open our hearts to activities and people that are founded in goodness and peaceful intentions our attitudes change and the day is filled with even more blessings. So let’s make better choices! Let’s choose to revel in the beauty of our lives and share that goodness with others!
In peace be, Dear Friends.

Unusual Experiences?

March 19, 2020
“…when one person has an unusual experience, it can be unnerving, but when many people have similar unusual experiences, it’s a phenomenon that demands openhearted consideration.”
Seeking Our Humanity, 2020

We Were One!

March 19, 2020
Audio Version for the Listeners of the World!
“…while I walked along the beach, I felt in Oneness with the ocean, with the Earth, and with the Universe. I felt as if I was indistinguishable from Existence. I was existent within Existence and She was existent within me. We were One and we were Many, all united in Existence, yet individually existing within our own existences.”
Seeking Our Humanity, 2020

I Felt Eternal!

Audio Version For Your Pleasure

“I felt eternal. It was as if I was in touch with the past, the present, and the future, all at the same time. I knew without reservation that there was more and I know this because I had experienced more…more than just this lifetime. My awareness of these lifetimes was vague at the time and remains vague now, but they existed. I am certain that I existed in these other lifetimes. Some occurred long, long ago, while others were more recent, but I don’t think it even matters when or where these lifetimes were lived or who I was in any of those lifetimes. What matters is that they transpired. Because I know these other lifetimes existed, I know that life is eternal, and that matters. At least it matters to me!”
Seeking Our Humanity, 2020


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