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What Awaits Us… is a fictional story that provides us with information about this beautiful planet that we call Home. Through remarkable interactions between members of the human species and various other species, we gain greater understanding regarding the reality of our planet’s current situation. Even though the truth is sobering, you leave each interaction feeling that there is reason for hope, and that you can actually play a significant role in assisting the Earth.

This is where you enter the story! By downloading the free PDF you will have access to The Plan that was introduced in What Awaits Us…. This will be your first step. The next step is as simple as the first. You must read the information! Please, do so! Learn how you can help the Earth?

Two chapters from What Awaits Us… are provided. Chapter 15 offers you a sense of the story. You will meet the cast of characters as they face the reality that their negative behavior is the primary cause of the Earth’s declining health. You will experience their dismay, bear witness to their brave reactions, and be inspired by the commitments that are made. You will feel empowered to take action. You will realize that there truly is a way that you can help the Earth!

Chapter 26 reveals The Plan. It is a simple, but necessary task. When you realize how much damage our negative energy causes, you will understand how important it is for all of us to participate in this life-changing event. Please join us! There is reason for hope and it is YOU!

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