Earth is very loved…

Earth is very loved…

“Because the Life Being Earth is a being of ancient beginnings, she is greatly loved by more than one can imagine. Her circle of reach is also beyond the scope of imagination. Suffice it to say, she is very, very loved and she will be deeply missed because her energy has merged with so many other energies that she is essentially connected to everyone in existence. The effect of her absence upon existence is without comparison. No one wishes to think about this. Just as those on the planet do not want to believe that her health crisis is real, nor do those who exist elsewhere. And yet, we must! Just as the peoples of Earth must address this issue, so too must we!
            We are all One with this remarkable planet and we must come to her rescue. There is no other choice. Those who think this situation can be ignored are foolish. Everyone will feel the consequences of her decline, and it will not be pleasant. The truth is difficult to hear!”
Seeking Our Humanity

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