Earth must be reminded that she is not alone…

Earth must be reminded that she is not alone…

August 6, 2020
“My Friends, we are here together for a reason of extreme importance. The Life Being Earth must also be reminded that she is not alone. Each time we offer her assistance, she recognizes that she is loved, and this is remarkably important for her healing process. She requires healing energy, and she requires the loving care of other members of her Existential Family. You are the nearest Family members she has, and as such, your role is paramount in her recovery. Just as you would visit an ailing friend or family member while he or she is hospitalized, you must also attend the Earth in like manner. To know that one is loved is a most soothing awareness that can sustain one during a prolonged crisis situation. The Earth is made of the same essence as all others, and she, like all others, needs to know that someone cares about her. My Friends, you have no idea how helpful your presence is to her. Please let her know how much you care. Please do not hesitate. Do not wait for the company of your Dear Friends. Take action frequently, daily, and then, in those glorious moments when you are together, combine your energies and extend that mass of healing energy to her.”



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