Forgiveness is the path to healing…

Forgiveness is the path to healing…

January 10, 2022

The anger that rises within us at times appears to be petty, but it is typically founded in deep wounds from the past. All kinds of pain have been endured throughout this lifetime and others that continue to cause agitation and distraction even when memories of these events are not clear.

Lies, misunderstandings, deliberate acts of unkindness, and those that were committed in ignorance still have impact. Suffice it to say, there are wounds from recent and distant times that are extremely painful, but none of these remnants of pain are needed in this present moment. Unfortunately, incidents that are not easily understandable often linger and seem difficult to forgive; however, forgiveness is a choice.   

Ponder this please. Do you really need to have clear memories and full understanding of a past incident before you can say enough is enough? By choosing to forgive painful events from the past, you will ease the pain and suffering of today. Forgiveness is the path to healing.

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