Hope Burns Eternal…

Hope Burns Eternal…

December 4, 2020

“Just as I finished professing my beliefs to the garden inhabitants, a familiar face landed on the bird feeder. She pretended to be feeding, but as this sweet one often did, she waited for the perfect opportunity for connection. It was late for the chickadee to make an appearance, which made her presence all the more delightful. I tried to monitor my excitement, but honestly, how can anyone refrain themselves when this precious creature enters into your range of vision? She was gorgeous and I felt compelled to do what I always do in her presence. I reached out with open palm hoping she would join me. Unfortunately, every time this happened, I had no seeds readily available, so I just hopefully wished she would come join me anyway. To date, that wish has not come true. But hope burns eternal. Convinced that some day she would accept my offer of friendship, I sat there on the top step hoping she would intuit my desire. And then it happened. She pecked a seed from the feeder and flew in my direction. My heart raced as she neared my hand. When she gracefully landed, the old adage, light as a feather, came to mind. It was a brief moment in time, one that I will never forget. We made eye contact, and then she carefully placed the sunflower seed in the crease of my hand. I remained perfectly still thinking that she would consume the seed, but that was not her intention. It was a gift. She glanced again as if to confirm my awareness and then she flew away.”

Excerpt from: Love Thy Neighbor

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