I Chose to Trust Myself

I Chose to Trust Myself

May 31, 2020
“Like you, my Friends, I have lived many lifetimes and many of those experiences were restricted by my fears. Unfortunately few people recognize how fearful they actually are. Nor do they understand how limiting life is when fear is their guide.
Eventually, I realized most of my fears were based in misunderstandings. The lesson was not learned easily or quickly. Because of my fears, I avoided situations that actually held the answer to my erroneous ideas. Because I believed I could not handle intense emotions, I avoided them. Because I feared that I could not handle relationships, those too were avoided. No matter what the fear was, I avoided any opportunities that might prove my fears were accurate. Sadly, in my efforts to avoid what I believed was the truth, I actually delayed the opportunity to discover the real truth—the truth that is relevant to all. Dear Ones, we are all capable of experiencing our emotions. And when we do so, we discover that our emotions are not something that should be feared, but in truth, they are our strength and that which assists us in living life fully. When I finally came to realize this, I decided to trust myself. My decision was not perfectly executed, but over time, I learned that trusting myself was one of the most important decisions ever made throughout all of my lifetimes.”

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