I Have Many Doubts…

I Have Many Doubts…

March 26, 2020
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“I have many doubts about the unbelievable, because that’s just the way people are. It’s humankind’s nature to want proof…to demand proof…as if life cannot exist without it. I suspect this is related to our fears of the unknown and/or our fears of not having control over every aspect of our lives. I think it’s sad actually. In our incessant need to have proof about everything, I’m afraid we have slammed the door on many possibilities. We seem unwilling to give the unbelievable the benefit of a doubt, which is most unfortunate, since it is through our doubting behavior that we learn more about the unusual and unbelievable unknowns. It’s true that our doubts sometimes confuse us. They get in the way and dissuade us from what we actually know. But more often then not, I believe our doubts help us to clarify our understanding of a particular situation so that we can discern what we really know. This process enables us to feel more confident about what we believe and what we are willing to accept.”
 Seeking Our Humanity

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