I Take Earth For Granted…

I Take Earth For Granted…

August 31, 2020
“…we walk the Earth surrounded by all its abundance, and we don’t even notice it. I am shocked by my lack of curiosity, my disinterest, and my ignorance about the other inhabitants of this planet.    It makes me realize how uninvolved I’ve been with the Earth, and it makes me realize how much I have taken her for granted. I have been disrespectful and didn’t even know that I was behaving in that manner. It’s startling!
I now have a much greater understanding of why the people of Earth are not responding to her needs. Most of us don’t give her a moment of our time. We don’t notice her as a relevant factor in our lives and we don’t notice that our oblivious manner matters. We cannot see the harm that we are doing to the Earth, because we do not see her. We live our lives without cognizance of her presence. Oh, Dear Friends, we must change! And we must help others recognize the state of oblivion in which we are all existing.”

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Seeking Our Humanity, Part III

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