July 12, 2020
“My heart throbbed with awareness; the connection felt was undeniable. I was Home. Tears streamed down my face. The return, that so many write about, paled to the actual experience. I could not bear the separation between us. I moved toward the water’s edge, my breath was short. How long has it been since we were together? No answer came to mind, and none was really necessary. The moment of relevance was before me. The time is now! The words of old called to me and I moved forward to meet the oceanic waters. Gently and lovingly I stepped into the waters of my birth. How sweet it was! The swirls of the waves tickled by toes and wrapped about my ankles, an embrace by the Mother of a Child long ago released into the world. My heart was full. No greater moment could I remember. My breaths were large and each one reveled in the moment. I was at peace!”



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Communiques received from within are an essential element of The Center's purpose. Bringing these messages forward is intended to facilitate peaceful transitions throughout all walks of life. Please frequent our site for new additions.

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