I Was One With The Breath Of The Other…

I Was One With The Breath Of The Other…

March 24, 2020
Audio Version for those who prefer to close their eyes and listen with the ears of the heart.
“In due course, my thoughts stopped invading my silence and I fell silent. I simply was. Where I was, I did not know, nor did it matter. I simply was.
With each breath that I took, I felt another’s breath aside me until eventually the breath aside me was within me, and I was One with the breath of the other. We breathed together. We existed together. We were One with the Other… and yet, there was more. And we were One with the More as well. I was. We were. And we all were One. Greater peace have I never experienced. Time escaped me, as I existed in the existence of Oneness.”
Seeking Our Humanity

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