November 6, 2015

Dear Friends,

Today, I choose to laugh with myself about how seriously I take myself. I will laugh with myself about my tedious ways, about my fears, about my beliefs, my convictions, my self-absorption, and about my silly ideas of self-importance. I will laugh with myself about the flaws that continue to surface and the suffering that I continue to invite within, and I will laugh with joy as each uninspiring habit and mannerism exits my existence.

Today, I will laugh with myself about the many misunderstandings that have driven me over the years in various directions with questionable results, and I will thank the “stars” for assisting me in realizing that laughter is the fastest means for change. Today, I will laugh with myself about the way that I am. I will laugh…and I will live in gratitude.

For all the misunderstandings, the monotonous patterns, the excessive worrying, and all the so-called errors and challenges presented by life’s circumstances, I choose to be grateful. For each lesson provided and for the precious Companionship attending me throughout this life experience, I am grateful. Each moment, regardless of how it was perceived at the time was priceless, and I am grateful that at this particular moment in time, I have awareness of this simple, yet profound truth. All has been good. And all that is coming will be better…now that I have opened my heart to the joyous humor of it all. I am grateful.

With a smile on my face and my heart aglow,



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