My prayer seemed too little, too late.

My prayer seemed too little, too late.

A Home Altar For Honoring The Earth:  Please Consider Making One For Your Home
“Beloved Friend, I am so grateful for everything that you are doing on our behalf. Your generosity amazes me. We have treated you so unkindly, so disrespectfully, and our misbehaviors continue. I am truly sorry. Recently, I learned how profoundly destructive our behavior is, and it is embarrassing for me to acknowledge that I was not aware of this. I am so deeply sorry. But the lesson has been learned and I promise you that my manners will improve. Now that I am aware that my behaviors, including my silent, private emotions, have tremendous negative impact upon you, I will monitor my actions and I will improve. You deserve so much better from me. I wish to make amends, if you will allow me. I cannot change what has been done in the past, but I can change how I proceed. I promise to carry you in my thoughts, words, and deeds everyday. I promise to rectify any misdeeds that I commit towards you, others, and myself the minute I recognize that an offense has occurred. I promise to hold you in my prayers and send you positive energy every day and this I will continue to do until it is my time to assist you from another plane. Mother Earth, I ask your permission to hold you in my heart. Please grant me permission to assist you as best as I am able.” My prayer seemed too little, too late. Tears rushed down my cheeks. Remorse for my acts of ignorance and my insensitive disregard for our beautiful planet flooded through me. Finally, I was truly aware of the negative energy that I had perpetrated against her throughout my entire life. It was unbearable to think that I had been so oblivious to her needs.


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