Old Friend, our next step is a leap of faith…

Old Friend, our next step is a leap of faith…

“Old Friend, our next step is a leap of faith. Will you join me, as we step into the canyon?”                              
I did not hesitate. No fear attempted to stop me. I simply knew that the next step was nothing to fear. So together, my Old Friend and I stepped off the edge of the canyon, and continued our stroll. We were walking on air. It was a fascinating experience. I wondered what else we were capable of doing, which stirred a chuckle from my companion. His response reminded me of an earlier remark he had made regarding my limited understanding about a particular topic. Although no additional commentary followed his quiet chuckle, I was certain my lack of understanding was blatantly obvious. Eventually, we began a gentle descent from the heights overlooking the canyon and safely landed into a setting most dear to my heart and soul. How we traversed from the canyon ledge to this new setting was a mystery, but our final stop landed us upon a beach adorned with sparkling white sand that stretched beyond sight. My heart immediately aligned with the rhythm of the ocean. My arms extended as if they were capable of embracing the familiar waters. I belonged there. With all that I am, I knew this place was my beginning. From these waters, I came into existence.”


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