Paralyzed By The Reality That Our Planet Is In Peril

Paralyzed By The Reality That Our Planet Is In Peril

March 18, 2020

“In recent weeks their awareness of the Earth’s decline had become so vividly real that they could no longer deny her condition. Like so many of her inhabitants, this group of dear friends had recognized changes happening around the planet and in their own immediate environments, but the idea of Earth’s failing health was so grossly incomprehensible that the fearful mind stilled the normal human response. Rather than reacting immediately to assist another who was in jeopardy, humankind became overwhelmed by the enormity of the task. And as is often the case when faced with an unbearably fearful event, shock inhibits what we normally expect of ourselves. We were paralyzed by the reality that our planet is in peril.”

(Excerpt from The Answer In Action)

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