Perhaps the earth’s present appearance confuses you…

Perhaps the earth’s present appearance confuses you…

“Perhaps the Earth’s present appearance confuses you. In many ways, she still remains beautiful and vibrant. In your present location, you may not notice the destruction that she incurs or the suffering she endures. You have grown so accustomed to her lands being consumed by industrialization that the changes are no longer exceptional to you. This is indeed a problem. Those who continue to believe that she is doing fine are ill informed. Those who refuse to listen to the truth about her situation are aiding and abetting those who continue to misuse and abuse her natural resources. Proof of her declining health is available. Whether one is living in an area where physical evidence is visibly noticeable or not, does not change the truth about the Earth’s decline.
      My Friends, the time is now. Face the truth about the Earth’s failing health, and take action.”


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