Messages from Within_A Time for Hope

Messages From Within: A Time For Hope

Do you live your life from a hope filled perspective? Would you like to? Would you like to enjoy a consistently optimistic and hopeful state of being that maintains and sustains itself?

For those of you who find this an intriguing and hopeful possibility, please open your heart to Messages From Within: A Time For Hope. Within its pages are 365 inspirational, thought-provoking, and life-altering messages of hope. Many are instantaneously uplifting, while others lovingly challenge you to broaden your present perspective.

Accept the challenge! Become a Messenger of Hope!

Soft cover from Balboa Press

Such a wondrous, graceful, intentional, nurturing guide to being present in each moment, to being the witness while allowing oneself to transform into Be-ingness. So lovely and so comforting. Thank you for this gentle path to Re-Membering!

Deborah Roberts, Life Coach and Spiritual Director

This book is a spiritual blueprint for all that desire to assist in the creation of a peaceful and more harmonious world. It reveals the urgency of this much needed transition while giving the reader hopeful inspiration with each and every page. This experience has truly inspired me to expand my spiritual growth, not only for myself, but also for the positive impact that will spread to others. Messages From Within: A Time For Hope is a simple and joyful guide to becoming a true Messenger of Hope.

Jeannie Kelley, Dedicated Spiritual Seeker
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