Listen Carefully, Please!

As the title infers, “Listen Carefully, Please!” demands your attention. It is a book that Inspires deep heartfelt connections, and compassion for others, while enriching one’s awareness of his or her role in this experience called life. Above all, it is a book that awakens the reader to the needs of others, especially Mother Earth. Although many adults have ignored the needs of the planet, “Listen Carefully, Please!” boldly targets the reality of Earth’s current situation. Through fascinating and loving encounters with various species, six young explorers encounter remarkable events that reveal realities not experienced before. These interactions profoundly change the young adventurers, inspiring them to take action on behalf of Mother Earth.

Listen Carefully, Please!” is especially presented for the youth of today; however, it spans all ages, touching the hearts of the young and those who are young at heart. Regardless of the age of the reader, there is opportunity for connection, expansion, and enhancement.

The Center is very excited about introducing “Listen Carefully, Please!” to readers who love to explore the great mysteries of life and the world. If you wonder why you are here, this book may answer some of your questions.

After presenting thirteen spiritual/fiction books for adults, Claudia now offers another version of her previous book called “What Awaits Us…” Categorized as Juvenile and Young Adult Fiction, “Listen Carefully, Please!” is actually an exceptional read for all ages.

Everyone is invited to enjoy and embrace the mysteries, the adventures, and the possibilities for great change that are presented in this new book. And YOU, Dear Reader, are encouraged to participate in the changes. Don’t just think about the possibilities: take action!

Listen carefully, please!” may surprise some of you, and it may validate others who already know and understand some of the mysteries of our magnificent planet. Rest assured, the answers you are seeking and waiting for are waiting for you to hear them! Listen carefully, please!

$11.99 from Balboa Press

““Listen Carefully, Please” is a challenge to all of us to pay attention to our thinking and participation in how we treat Mother Earth. The engaging story that everyone can relate to invites the reader to listen to the quiet but powerful messages that we receive from our animal friends. Claudia Helt feeds our soul in simple but thought provoking language that is shared through the actions of children who then teach their parents how to start really loving our environment. A must read for all mankind!”

Cynthia Wiggins

“When I was very young, I had a herd of stuffed animals, one of whom listened intently to me. I know she offered me comfort and love; there may have been words, but I forget. She is retired now, but I still have her tattered self. And now that I am old, my dog patiently teaches me to be a better human.

I do, however, wish I’d had the tales and truths of Listen Carefully, Please! in my youth—to teach me to be open to adventure, to listen with care and wonder, to breathe in the courage to become ever more willing to change, to walk gently and kindly in companionship with others, and, through this, to heal our fragile Earth. I am glad to have this witness now. You can be glad, too, at any age. May blessings abound”.

Patricia Green

“I want to live in Listen Carefully, Please! with these smart, sensitive, caring children and the equally ‘with it’ adults. And I want the adventures these children experienced with nature’s abundance. I want to live in a world where we love and respect the Earth and all its inhabitants with the wise and gentle spirit this story gives us. Listen Carefully, Please! proves that a change from our unconscious and selfish way of treating the Earth and its inhabitants is not only necessary, it is possible. I believe this remarkable story actually ignites this transformation within us, and for that reason alone, it is an important book to read. Open your heart to its vital message. Let it change you, as it changed me. We will be rewarded beyond measure for doing this work. The world needs us to do this for her.”

Posy Jackson

“I have been truly blessed to watch and listen to my young grandchildren. Time and time again I see them immediately stop their play when a rabbit, or mouse, or squirrel runs through a yard, or quickly come to a halt to listen and look at the seagulls at the beach or woodpeckers on a trail.  Children intuitively connect to our natural world and our children will be the saviors of our planet. Listen Carefully, Please! elaborates upon the experiences I witness with my Family. Through unique beautiful landscapes and precious connections made among animals, plants, and the children, the tale of the Earth’s present situation is told. This is a beautiful story.”

Maggie Martin

“Listen Carefully, Please! is a reminder for me that listening is done with more than just the ears. We need to pay attention to all aspects of communicating…a very important message for all of us.”

Joan Offerle

“I am a longtime believer that our environment is at great risk.  However, I could never quite see a solution nor understand the dynamics involved or my role in it.  The content of the story ‘Listen Carefully, Please!’ is a sweet allegory that conveys a deep and powerful message. We are a large part of the problem. We must learn that we are partners with all the other beings who share our world, that Mother Earth is a living entity and that our long-held attitudes and actions no longer serve us. Then we can embark on a journey of conscious living based on care, love, kindness, and forgiveness for each other.  That is where the solution lies, and this delightful book lays it all out for us in a new, unique, and creative way.”

John Larned

“A sweet, innocent, gentle story about a very dramatic topic.”

Arline Kelly
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