Love Thy Neighbor

Winner, Honorable Mention Award at the 2022 Paris Book Festival.

Dear Reader, Love Thy Neighbor, is a Message of Old. It was important when it first came into being so very long ago, and it is vitally important at this time when it is essential for Humankind to rise to their full potential. As you will learn, the words, love thy neighbor, are much more expansive than was originally thought. You are indeed a member of a marvelous species existing within an existence filled with countless other species, and you will discover from this reading adventure that all species are intricately linked to one another and we are all equally important and significant to the continuation of the entire planetary eco-system.

When the Message of Old was introduced, it was intended to serve as a foundation from which all Beings would exist. Most existences embraced this divine guidance and have lived in this gracious manner ever since. Unfortunately, a small minority did not fully understand the concept of loving thy neighbor. Confusion led to misunderstandings and soon those who resisted the idea of living harmoniously with their fellow Beings developed characteristics that were predominantly self-serving. Fortunately, the Message of Old, ‘Love Thy Neighbor,’ still remains the foundation for mutual coexistence. In essence the message reminds us that we must open our hearts to accepting responsibility for the well being of all others.

Dear Reader, our neighborhood is large; it expands across this magnificent planet and beyond. We are so blessed! Let us not forget our neighbors with whom we share this expansive backyard. Let us not forget the gift of diversity that exists within our neighborhood. Let us not forget that we are intrinsically connected with all our neighbors. Let us not forget that we are all members of the same Family. As said before, Dear Reader, Love Thy Neighbor is a heartwarming story about personal and global healing that illuminates changes that are necessary and feasible. It will make you smile with delight and also bring tears regarding our planet’s situation. But most importantly, it will inspire you to make the world a better place. There is reason for hope!


“Love Thy Neighbor confirms that we all have the ability to receive messages from the Divine. These interactions are gifts to be shared not to be hidden. It is essential that we talk about these experiences so that we can support and validate one another. As the characters in the book shared their stories, so too must we. The Divine longs to remind us that we are loved and that we are here on Earth for a specific reason.  The key take-away is that we must ask, listen, evaluate and trust the messages. “The Word” excerpts within the book are particularly vital for us to ponder and act upon. A strong connection to the Earth and the Divine is necessary for us to make the changes that must happen for the future of humankind.”

Susan Kuske, RN, BSN, Certified Healing Touch Practitioner and Instructor, Spiritual Director

“This book is so affirming! Being a person who communicates with animals is an extraordinary privilege; however, it can be challenging at times. I have so many stories that I would love to share with others, but unfortunately, there are few people in my life who share my enthusiasm about this topic. It’s sad, because nature is always trying to reach out to us. I love the way Love Thy Neighbor brings this reality to the forefront. If only we would pay attention.”

Ann Martin
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