Messages from the Light

Messages From The Light

Messages From The Light is inspiration guidance for Light Workers, Healers, and Spiritual Seekers of all kinds and preferences. The messages presented were purposefully and diligently gathered for the Reader as confirmation of the messages you sense and receive and as validation for what you already know. May it serve you in times of joy and in times of difficulty. May it reassure you that you are not alone and may it inspire you to continue. Above all else, Messages From the Light is a reminder that you that are here for a reason and that your presence and your participation in this life experience is essential.

$16.00 (paperback)

Claudia Helt’s new book, Messages From The Light, is a reminder of your purpose for being and inspires you to move toward the mountaintop with focused intentions. It makes you think in the right direction!

John Randolph Price, Author of The Abundance Book

Claudia Helt is a modern hagiographer, a ‘sacred writer’- a human writer who brings forth God’s infinite love for humankind through her inspirational messages.

Kianna Smith, Author of Iridology, A Handbook

Claudia Helt’s collection of messages is the perfect book for all those who have ever opened Conversations With God at random in search of inspiration, guidance, and/or solace. Messages From The Light is beautifully designed to be of great inspiration for all who journey into the unknown.

Kate Duffy
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