Seeking A Better Me!

Seeking A Better Me! is a book that opens doors, creates new pathways, and aids you in discovering who your ‘Better Me’ may actually be. Think about this, Dear Reader. What does a ‘Better Me’ mean to you? What does your ‘Better Me’ look like? How does your ‘Better Me’ express her or his Self? How does your ‘Better Me’ impact those around you? What type of outreach will your ‘Better Me’ pursue? Will your ‘Better Me’ have a positive influence on those near to you, and perhaps, to the world at large as well? Will your ‘Better Me’ improve the conditions of humankind and the health of planet Earth?

Dear Reader, it is time for you to discover who you really are! Somehow, in some way, you and this book, Seeking A Better Me! have crossed paths for a reason. Curious? Yes. Mysterious? Indeed. A coincidence? Not a chance! Seeking A Better Me! is more than just a title for a new book. It is a message for all of us! We all need gentle reminders that ground us back into reality and Seeking A Better Me! does that.

Just imagine what might happen if you and I were to decide to become the people we are truly meant to be. We both have more to offer this remarkable life we are living. We both have more to offer this wonderful planet and we both have more to offer each other and all those others around us to whom we rarely give a moment of our time.

Dear Reader, shall we take the next bold step together? Shall we commit to becoming the better people we are intended to be! Hand-in-hand, heart-to-heart, let’s do this together!

$16.99 from Balboa Press