Seeking Our Humanity (Part II)

In the first book of this trilogy, a small group of friends learns that humankind’s negative energy is a primary reason for the environmental crisis that threatens all life on Earth. Invisibly and immeasurably the anger, violence, and hatred of our thoughts, words and actions compound and magnify the damage incurred from our material pollution of land, seas and skies.

In Seeking Our Humanity, Part II, the commitment made by the twelve dear friends deepens and expands. They begin to follow a dual path that assists our planet as it facilitates the recovery of our own humanity. We learn that we each have a role in the Earth’s decline, and we learn that every person on the planet can effectively aid her recovery. The solution is so simple, yet challenging. We need to become nicer, kinder, better people! If we change our ways, if we heal our ill behavior, our wounded hearts will heal, and the Earth will heal as well.

Although many people are already familiar with the simple and profound techniques of sharing energy with another, many more will be needed for our efforts to be successful. Just as the cast of characters learned to hone their skills to assist the Earth, so too must we. And just as they confronted the deep-seated doubts and fears that arose from the daunting challenge of saving the Earth, we too will be confronted with similar fears and doubts. Seeking Our Humanity, Part II teaches us to master the skills that are needed to assist the Earth and it provides a vision for creating steadfast relationships that will help us bear the tasks of saving the Earth and reclaiming our humanity. The heartfelt conversations that are shared among our lovable characters and the consistent, tender encouragement that they provide one another are stunning examples of how people can live peaceably and lovingly with one another. Dear Reader, the Seeking Our Humanity trilogy is a pathway to a healthy planet and a healthy civilization. Please join us in this Mission to save the Earth.

$16.99 from Balboa Press

Seeking Our Humanity is a masterwork for saving Mother Earth right now. A glorious call to action, here is the spiritual guidebook to assist us all in healing our planet. The method will surprise and delight you. This sacred book’s message is an urgent one. Waste no time. Let the healing begin.

Molly Guzzino, Executive Director, Flaming Heart Media.

Having avidly consumed the three volumes in The Answer series, I was so excited to be one of the first readers for Seeking Our Humanity. It has exceeded my expectations! While underscoring the urgency of the matter, it provides helpful steps to introduce this topic to others and to do the necessary internal work to be part of the solution. I believe this is charged material. I find myself changing and growing as I read about the characters going through their evolutionary development. On many levels, this book is vitally important for all of us, and our world.

Reverend Posy Jackson

An urgent message from our many Friends of Old about the planetary crisis, and how by elevating our individual and group energies, we can save Mother Earth from going into dormancy and resulting in the annihilation of every life form she has supported.  Claudia shows how Human judgment, negativism, greed, and violence must be stopped!

Joan Offerle, Ph.D, Psychologist

It’s no news that planet Earth is in crisis.  Science has measured the material causes of Earth’s declining health, and laid out the changes we must make before her decline is irreversible, but what if there are other, unseen, culprits as detrimental as they are immeasurable?   As people around the globe work to find solutions before it is too late, Seeking Our Humanity points to the energetic and spiritual sources of our planet’s evident decline, and urgently proposes actions that every person can take to avert the catastrophe.

Reverend Susan J. Barnes

I so enjoyed reading Seeking Out Humanity. The characters in the book successfully modeled consistent, respectful, loving behavior toward each other throughout the story demonstrating that relationships can actually be lived in this manner.  I also found the lessons repeated through out the course of the book were beneficial in that creating new habits from old ones does indeed take time!  And I discovered new tools for living in peace, and healing relationships with myself, others, and Mother Earth.

Karen Counts

Claudia Helt has given her readers much to contemplate in her thought provoking narrative, SEEKING OUR HUMANITY.  Mother Earth has suffered over thousands of years from the destructive forces of humankind.  Helt calls upon each of us to first search deeply from within ourselves, to discover who we are and why we are here, if we are ever to restore wellness to the earth, in all of its once glorious beauty and diversity.

She makes a powerful point that we are all tied to the same ‘life essence’ within the planet, and it is not too late to turn these negative forces around.  She writes convincingly that change can happen if we humans would adopt the practice of thinking more with our hearts, rather than with our minds.  Indeed, there is hope for the planet, and Claudia Helt encourages us to search within ourselves for our place in it.

Caren Prothro
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