Seeking Our Humanity (Part III)

Seeking Our Humanity is an opportunity for humankind to save the Earth from her present precarious condition. Her symptoms are obvious: raging storms, warming oceans, sweeping fires, harmful plastics in our food and water. Global pollution of her lands, seas and skies are abuses that she suffers daily. For millennia, we took Earth for granted and believed that she was impervious to our abuses. Now we finally recognize Earth’s vulnerability.  We see the existential crisis our choices have caused and we must face the unthinkable reality that life, as we know it, might well end.

Thankfully many are taking action to limit the harm of our material waste by refusing, reducing, reusing and recycling.   As we strive to reverse the damage already done, one wonders if there is more we can do to help heal Mother Earth? Indeed there is! Earth’s ill health is rooted in the toxicity of human emotions and actions.   This is the harsh truth presented in Seeking Our Humanity. But there is more! This book is filled with hope. As it reveals the problem, it also shows us how to address it!

Just as our physical and chemical trash poison Earth’s land, sky and waters, our hatred, anger, violence, and harsh judgment poison her life essence.   Although this damage is not visible, nor scientifically measurable, it is no less real and threatening to Earth’s survival and ours.

As a gentle man from parts unknown illuminates the problem and the solutions to a group of old friends, the readers of Seeking Out Humanity learn the simple steps that they and all people everywhere can take to help heal the Life Being Earth.   Most important, they learn that they, that we, are not alone in this commitment.


Seeking Our Humanity is a masterwork for saving Mother Earth right now. A glorious call to action, here is the spiritual guidebook to assist us all in healing our planet. The method will surprise and delight you. This sacred book’s message is an urgent one. Waste no time. Let the healing begin.

Molly Guzzino, Executive Director, Flaming Heart Media.

Having avidly consumed the three volumes in The Answer series, I was so excited to be one of the first readers for Seeking Our Humanity. It has exceeded my expectations! While underscoring the urgency of the matter, it provides helpful steps to introduce this topic to others and to do the necessary internal work to be part of the solution. I believe this is charged material. I find myself changing and growing as I read about the characters going through their evolutionary development. On many levels, this book is vitally important for all of us, and our world.

Reverend Posy Jackson

An urgent message from our many Friends of Old about the planetary crisis, and how by elevating our individual and group energies, we can save Mother Earth from going into dormancy and resulting in the annihilation of every life form she has supported.  Claudia shows how Human judgment, negativism, greed, and violence must be stopped!

Joan Offerle, Ph.D, Psychologist

It’s no news that planet Earth is in crisis.  Science has measured the material causes of Earth’s declining health, and laid out the changes we must make before her decline is irreversible, but what if there are other, unseen, culprits as detrimental as they are immeasurable?   As people around the globe work to find solutions before it is too late, Seeking Our Humanity points to the energetic and spiritual sources of our planet’s evident decline, and urgently proposes actions that every person can take to avert the catastrophe.

Reverend Susan J. Barnes
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