The Answer Illuminated

In this sequel to The Answer, eight old friends continue their individual and shared adventures, responding to an urgent call to assist Mother Earth by intentionally focusing upon the reversal of her tragic decline in health. As they meet more people, who have had a similar call, the circle of those committed to the planet’s critical health crisis expands. Everyone involved grows more confident in their increased intuitive processes as the validity of the “unusual” experiences occurring around them becomes more evident. The beloved elder gentleman, who first enlisted them in this compelling mission of rescue, remains mysteriously present in their lives and activities. Although he is rarely visible in this phase of their development, he and the ethereal companions whom he represents, vigilantly follow the progress of their earth-bound friends’ efforts to assist the Earth. As the elder continues to affirm and encourage the circle of friends through telepathic communiqués, their understanding of the simple yet profound ways in which they can help heal the Earth broadens. Evolving individually and collectively, the friends become creatively emboldened to greater and greater action on this remarkable life being’s behalf. Travel with these gentle, thoughtful people through The Answer Illuminated, and learn how each of us can do our part in restoring wellness to the Earth. Without our assistance, her health will continue to decline. Her recovery depends upon us, and our future depends upon her survival.

Available from Balboa Press

I’m currently sitting here and reading The Answer Illuminated for a second time. I think that I’m beginning to see the ‘convergence’ of thoughts and experiences that inform all of your writings. So, after reading a chapter, I spend 1/2 hour meditating, in order to let the text penetrate and to open my mind. I suspect that, if I can open my mind to telepathic communication, I’ll be much more clear about my purpose.

Gary Stoos

The Answer Illuminated aligns with so much wisdom–process theology, ancient Eastern spiritual practices, and simple experience and observation. Everything connects. As you read the story of eight friends in their quest to heal the earth, you will enter a world of peace and wisdom that will support and guide your own spiritual development. Their spiritual guide will become yours. The guide will affirm and encourage you to be a healing presence to others and to the earth. We are made for this spiritual journey.

Jane Gilgun, Ph.D
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