the Answer in Action

Breathe, Dear Reader. In this final installment of The Answer series, the endearing eight old friends continue their commitments to assist the Earth. Recognizing that Earth’s failing health can no longer be ignored, the Circle of Eight, with the assistance of the beloved elder gentleman and others, pursue immediate action to reverse her downward spiral. Through the outreach program that is developed in The Answer in Action, a solution to help save the Earth is offered. Seek within these pages, Dear Reader, and discover the truth about your innate abilities that will play an instrumental role in the Earth’s healing process. You are the answer, Dear Reader. Please breathe this in and accept the truth of who you really are. And then, take the next step. You are the answer in action. Please act now on the Earth’s behalf.

Available from Balboa Press

Claudia Helt is a gifted receiver of spiritual wisdom. Her many books lead contemplative readers on a deep and exquisite journey to their compassionate hearts. Her latest book, The Answer in Action, centers on the healing of Mother Earth. Her story and divinely inspired instructions lead us all to fully participating in the energetic revitalization of our planet. This message could not come at a more urgent and important time.


Let us all hear this message of the heart and learn how to send healing to our Earth. Claudia’s book shows us how to engage in a contemplative practice of gentle healing for the Earth and ourselves. Each of us has a part we can do right in this moment that will have profound, cumulative and positive repercussions for the goodness of the Earth. Now is the time for action. Our Holy Mother Earth awaits our assistance.

Molly Guzzino, Executive Director, Flaming Heart Media, LLC

There is a compelling premise in Claudia Helt’s The Answer series: Most of us feel impotent standing before the vast indignities and betrayals that beset our ailing Mother Earth. The characters in Claudia’s books develop first a realization, then a path forward, during which their hearts open to dedicate moments of healing meditation, a simple practice that anyone can use to send revitalizing energy to Earth.

Cynthia Larned
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