The Time When Time No Longer Matters Continues

Kindness, respect, and compassion permeate this story as the exploration of human potential continues through the friendships of the main characters and in their connections with the beloved departed: the long-deceased Aunt May and recently passed David McNabb. Through these heartfelt exchanges, the reality that there is more becomes evident. After an unfortunate and inexplicable incident occurs at a cherished setting called Merton’s Cove, new characters from the scientific community, along with an unusually gifted park ranger and an amiable police chief, enrich the story, bringing excitement and hope to all involved. Coming together from many different walks of life, this cast of characters blend their areas of expertise as they discover the validity of existential communication with those in this life and beyond, as well as humankind’s potential for personally and collectively directing energy that is capable of assisting and healing others, including the remarkable life being, Earth. By engaging with this fascinating tale, your awareness of who you really are is profoundly expanded.

Soft cover and Ebook from Balboa Press