What Awaits Us…

Winner, Honorable Mention Award at the 2022 London Book Festival.

Mother Earth’s health crisis is no secret. What Awaits Us… does not shy from the truth about Earth’s decline. Instead, through a truly enchanting tale, it expands our understanding of our enormous global challenge, and lays out a solution that every person on the planet can adopt. In astonishing and touching encounters, Nature’s precious representatives telepathically deliver urgent messages that humankind’s inhumanity is at the root of Earth’s failing health. We discover from these sagacious creatures that the negative energy created from our thoughts, words, and deeds is even more destructive to the planet than is our material pollution.

Although the messages funneled through this story are heartbreaking, hope is inspired when a diverse group of characters, including wildlife, amiable humans, deceased ancestors, and Those Who Came Before, collaborate in developing a plan to restore Earth’s health. Through simple steps, The Plan, which is a transformative opportunity, teaches us how to release our negative tendencies. The Plan easily fits into our daily lives, and as we make positive changes, the Earth’s health rapidly improves. By participating in The Plan, you will profoundly help the planet while also healing yourself.

What Awaits Us… is the thirteenth book Claudia Helt has introduced to the public. She is very excited about the latest release, because it truly has the potential to help people from all nations to participate in revitalizing the Earth. No longer do we need to feel at a loss when it comes to assisting the Earth. What Awaits Us…actually provides us with an option that is doable and effective.

Download of The Plan PDF

Claudia believes that reading What Awaits Us…is a significant first step towards healing the planet! However, if you are one who prefers reading the end of a book first, then she urges you to access The Plan that is proposed in the text. This free PDF download will prepare you for the task of assisting the planet.

Click here to read more about The Plan and download a free PDF.

$17.99 from Balboa Press

5 Star Amazon Review:

“We blame pollution and the physical decline of Mother Earth on everything but us but we have a lot to do with the problem! Feeling powerless? Read this book. It tells you simply and lovingly how each one of us can change ourselves and turn around the decline of our planet. Why don’t more people know this? PLEASE read this book and start working to save the planet now. This is true. It works. You can do something!”

Rosemary H. Jackson

“Claudia Helt’s powerful and enchanting thirteenth book, “What Awaits Us,” is a multilayered communication of wisdom, warning, and healing for our planet. Told through a group of friends’ wondrous encounters in nature, Helt gives us The Plan for healing Mother Earth. Beautiful teachings with bioluminescent plants, interspecies communication, and messages from beyond our galaxy make this a book that spans across genres, age groups, and interests. Her Plan is practical, applicable and it teaches each of us how to repair our Great Mother. Read it, implement its message, and enlist others in this masterful healing. The moment for action is now”.

Molly H. Guzzino, LPC, ATR-R, Executive Director Flaming Heart Media, LLC

“What Awaits Us was so great! I was so inspired I have changed my centering and grounding practice to send the attributes of the heart that we use in healing touch as I anchor my energy into mother earth. I’ve also reached out to two healing touch practitioners that I practice with to see if we can try out some of the things from the group in the book. Thanks for sharing the vision and the plan.”

Susan Kuske, RN, Certified Healing Touch Practitioner and Instructor, Spiritual Director

“As an avid admirer of Claudia’s heartfelt commitment to her calling, I look forward to each new book that she brings forward. Once again, she has successfully achieved the task. What Awaits Us… is a delightful story with a powerful message that will hopefully touch the hearts of every reader that has the privilege of reading this new book. I speak from my heart when I encourage everyone to read What Awaits Us…. Do it for yourself, and do it for the planet! We all have an important role in assisting Mother Earth. The Plan included in What Awaits Us… shows us the way. I’m very excited! This latest book brings me hope!”

Mary Rebecca
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