Being loving-kindness is a state of grace that exists within everyone. For it to become a way of being, it must be actualized through practice.
Step by step, seek that which calls to you...

Services Offered

As a result of her own spiritual development, deep respect was gained for the powerful dynamics incurred during the seeking and assimilation process of the inward journey.  Now, Claudia finds great delight in providing others with time and space to seek opportunities for personal, transpersonal, and spiritual development.  Currently available are:

Conversations from the Heart & Meditation

Gatherings that offer opportunities for heartfelt conversations on various topics that are then followed by precious silence.

Book Groups:

Ladder to the Light, by Steven Charleston

Starts Thursday, March 31, 2022 @ 10:30 a.m.  No preparation is necessary for this group.  The book will be read allowed during the sessions so that the messages can be experienced in the moment.

Email Claudia for more information regarding either of these opportunities:

Small Group Workshops

Personal and spiritual growth experiences are provided on the following topics:

A Time for Hope

Utilizing Messages From Within: A Time for Hope, participants will investigate their potential for creating, maintaining, and sustaining a hopeful way of being.

Being Loving Kindness

A wonderful opportunity for You and Your True Self to renew your relationship. Your True Self is already delightfully aware of You and your presence, but now it is time for you to become exquisitely aware of your True Self so that you truly understand the magnificence of your being.

Speaking the Truth

A remarkable experience that offers support, guidance, and assistance as you explore the unlimited potential of your innermost being while enhancing your opportunity to establish a relationship with the “more” that exists. It is an invitation to move beyond your present life circumstances into a realm far more expansive than the precious mind can ever imagine.

Discovering the Remarkable Potential of Our Joyful Energy Within

Utilizing The Book of Joy, participants will gain greater understanding of humankind’s great potential. This powerful energy source which lies within has the capacity to aid Earth back to wellness. Discover the joyful energy which resides within you!

Exploration and Examination of the Judging Self

A deeply inward experience examining one’s own judging nature and its impact on self and others. This very difficult and heartfelt topic is addressed in a loving and compassionate way emphasizing one’s ability to move beyond old patterns, habits, and beliefs.

The creative process beautifully revealed through an ever-changing garden...